Online screening forms for COVID-19

In order to assist the Eastern Cape Department of Health, the Kenton-on-Sea Ratepayers Association (Kosra) has set up an online COVID-19 screening form.

The form, at is for everyone in Ndlambe to use and is not restricted to Kenton residents.

Everyone residing in Ndlambe at the present time is required to complete this form. Please make sure that you put the correct screening site in the first block. The screening site is divided into 10 wards. Work your way down the drop down menu and you will see the names of towns in the Ndlambe area next to the ward number. Click on the one you live in.

“The form is very easy to use, just take your time, and make sure you answer all the compulsory fields,” Kosra chairman George Poole said. “Press ‘submit’ and you will be thanked for taking the time to complete the form. Done!”

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