Has your employer received UIF funding? Here’s how to find out

HOPING FOR PAYMENT: Queues have begun forming hoping to collect much-need funding from their UIF contributions Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

With thousands of businesses being forced to close for the duration of the Covid-19 national lockdown, South Africans are struggling with huge financial burdens, with many not being paid their full salaries or put on forced unpaid leave.

The Covid-19 Temporary Employee/Employer Relief Scheme (TERS) has been set up by the government to give assistance by offering special payouts to people who have been affected.

Workers are entitled to a maximum of R6,730 a month, with a minimum of R3,500, depending on their salaries.

More than 100,000 payments to companies have already been paid by the scheme.

To check if your employer is one of them, you can download the full list by clicking here to visit the UIF-Covid-19 TERS national disaster application system website.

UIF has not yet started accepted applications for May, but the list contains the names of businesses that have received relief so far.

By Luke Charter – TimesLIVE


  1. I hi I have a concern please help
    My company has been paid and only few staff members received their money and some of us didn’t get paid… our employers keep on telling us that they are still waiting for another pay out
    Is it possible for uif to send money twice or they just deducting our money and we are not registered ?

    • Hi this is dumisani one of the workers of mezo industrial my problem is that we haven’t received any money from the uif and when we check on the system we see that we been registered but even today we haven’t received any money and we did expect that money by the 30 of April today is 14 of may nothing still and other company are getting paid tomorrow.please can someone help as please

      • Same here I’m Lebo one of workers at gleancarol socks factory we haven’t received any money from uif since lock down begin were dying of hunger

      • My employer reduce my hours but he paid deferent wages others are more others less but the hrs that are reduce are similar how that happened?

    • Hi I don’t know what to do I didn’t get paid help me to find If my company get paid for UIF covid 19 lockdown I m calvina

    • Hi my Company they never paying us since they told us that they had submitted everything but nothing we got as employees.

  2. Hi. Please advise how we are able to check our UIF application ? I have been trying for pass 2 weeks emailing just no replies. Can you please assist me ?

    • hey there. UIF will not reply via email. you need to log onto the site and check the list ( search your company name). Additionally all company applications must have been uploaded

    • Very disappointed and frustrated because until today l have not been paid UIF but almost everyone got paid and l ama citizen do since It is said that thy are stating with May application it mans that we no going to get paid for April

    • We are In June. I’m still awaiting my may ters. Status say not process yet. Im being waiting so patiently . Soon will not be able to feed my child.

  3. As our people struggle and our needs increase,I suggest that the government needs to inform the people môre about the payments of the Ters,how much,you as a individual received per month,because the employers are not open,to there employees,they take evens from that little in this time of crisis

  4. Hello My Name is Oscar. Please help how do I check if my company has applied for Uif on our behalf and how do I also check if my company is registered with Uif.

    • Hi I’m Kwanele Ngwenya I work for Mashobane holdings and we haven’t been paid till today and we are not even sure if we are registered and now I can’t even afford food for my parents…..pls help me find out if we registered or what

  5. Hi,Is it possible for uif to pay half of the people we are working with,cos my employer keep on saying ,he still waiting for other money from uif. How can they pay half not all at once.how can we find out his telling the truth or not

    • It depends if there was mistakes with ID nr, Bank Acc or if you are a foreigner. Foreigner payments were delayed but payments are apparently now going out.

      • Hi Marius,
        Any idea how to sort out incorrect identity number. i have emailed to all the covid19 email addresses no response. Call center cant help.

      • Any idea how to correct an identity number error for UIF TERS. i have sent so many emails to all the covid19 email addresses to rectify the issue. No reply from them.

      • How true is that only South African citizens only to be paid.what about non SA citizens.As per out HR,claims for non citizens are rejected but being registered for UIF.
        We need clarification on that please

        • If you are a non citizen, you have to have the right documents that allows you to be in the country for you to be paid, e.g a permanent residence ID or Asylum seeker papers

  6. Anonymous
    It’s true that we all getting paid half of the wage’s only 3weeks during the first 21days of lokdown

      • My problem is that we got paid R3456. 00 for Apr now it’s May they told us that they r wait for the Uif to pay but I have check for myself and the money was paid or processed on the 09/05 at 00:00 and the amount was R4027:00

        • Hi I emailed my uif maternity leave to labour is being two months I don’t know if is being processed pls I suffer financially

      • Hi Marius, I applied for uif 45 days ago online. Upon checking employer needed to complete u19, just rec, they were reluctant to do. When can I expect payment? Been unemployed since 01 July. Please advise.

  7. My company has been paid according to the list but they are refusing to pay over the money to us.

    • That is against the law. They are suppose to pay you within 2 days after they received the money.

      • Hi. The company I work for is also refusing to pay us. They say they still waiting for payment from uif but they got paid on the 29th of April already. Please advise a way forward

  8. Hellw since the lockdown we have never received any payment from our company they keep on telling us that they are still buzy with the Labour department so we dnt know what to do now

  9. Hi! Is it possible for uif to pay only one person over 13 staff? My boss said uif replied him saying he will receive the money after 8 week. Please help me.We have families to care of and my opinion is why UIF allows the employer’s to receive the money not taking employees bank account. Cause i feel like most of people won’t get paid

  10. Hi please help us at KB Labels some of we haven’t got paid by the UIF during Lock down would please assist us so that we can able to survive and pay our debts

  11. Hi pls help my company sent me an sms saying i dnt qualify to get uif ters. My co-workers received smses that dey qualify bt till to date no 1 has been paid and when I view companies dat got paid by Labour my company is on de list.

  12. Hi please help me out here, I am battling to get a list of companies that have been paid for covid 19.I have a problem with capture ?

  13. The law firm I work for also got paid on the 29th of April already and I’m still waiting for them to pay me. I did a search and saw the amount that was paid towards my salary by the uif. They claim that they are still waiting on the uif to pay out. Please advise a way forward in order for me to get my money from them.

    • How did u find out if they got paid coz I haven’t received my pay nd the company has pay other employees….
      WhatsApp me on 0731390832 pls

  14. Hi in the above article it says minimum payout is R3500… What happens if my employer paid us less than that.

    • Hey my company i am working for did pay some of the workers and told us they waiting for other money from UIF but when we check in the link using our ID numbers our money paid same time with other guys please help us what is the way forward. We hungry and our money is there from 23-04-2020 please help us

      • Help me pls,my employer paid me less than amount that I expected and the uif status is saying different where did my money go

  15. Hello my concern is that why Labour can’t pay employees of the same company at the same time without paying 1 by 1 after weeks

  16. Pls help us.we saw that our company has receive the claim but they say that the didnt not receive any money from labour.we are confused as employeed

  17. Managers do what they want.they don’t follow grvmnt.we as worker in high risk myb we are sround 60/100 worker s under 1 roof.plz helps us gorvnment

  18. Hi since the lockdown we have not received any wages and our Land lord are fighting us when are we going to receive our money ,because our company has claimed but nothing in our account?or how long we’re going to wait?

  19. I ask minister of labour to make sure that they fast track the process of payment becouse some of us are struggling please we cant survive week without money

  20. Hi..please help since lockdown begin we have not received any anything so we request minister of labour to try by all means that department fastrack the payment. Because some of us are struggling out there. We cant survive more week without money.and our company claimed long time ago it didn’t receive money yet

  21. It’s surprising that government sad on our salarie it wil received 75%,, now my friend received R6600… Where his salary is R21700.

    What’s going on is government playing us.?

    • Stephen the maximum is capped. Your friend’s payout sounds about right. Maximum payout amount is R6730 even if they earn a higher amount.

  22. My one staff member did not get paid. She was on maternity leave for 4 months. She returned 2 months ago, and her application was declined. She is really in need of assistance. The rest of the staff were paid.

  23. Hi when I’m using the link to check my uof status it shows an amount and status says processed on the 1st of May.. Does that mean it has been paid??

  24. Hi guys all the comapnies r lying to the people most of the them they got money they want to use that money 4 their staff n they didn’t think that the lockdown is gonna long lik dis

  25. My employer says he applied 1st week of April but still I don’t see our company on the list, how long does it take to get payout from UIF and how can we as employees be sure that he has applied.

  26. Hi just find out that Uif was paid to my employer on the 1st of May but till today have not received that payment when ask him keep on saying have not received it yet how do I report him

  27. Hi please help, our employer didn’t pay us our uif money he keeps on telling us that he is still waiting for the money from department of labour

  28. We never received anything from our employer, no update or feedback is given to us,, is the any way we can get help.

  29. Hi guys
    My company have been paid & my colleagues also received the UIF but I haven’t got nothing

  30. I am so worried, i don’t even knw that my company has applied our Uif ,because is i am checking at the list of employers paid list nothing,, so how could i do to have help

  31. i got a 30% salary cut, and our company got the uif, i need to understand how much are we suppose to get, coz i don’t trust guys

  32. I can’t see this Neheto Plant on the list that already got paid, can you please check if it is on the waiting list

  33. My employer did received but others at work did not get paid when i check my status on the link not processed i never get paid

  34. I have fiiled the forms on 30 march,got confirmation sms on the 16 april but up to so far no payments,the company says they dont know whats the problem,what must i do coz we r dying of hunger here

  35. Hi my name is mnqob iwas claim on 22 april even now inever get a feedback one of my friend he claim on da 21 april he get afeedbck on monday last week

  36. Hallo how do I claim uifcovid19 for myself, we filled the forms on the 23 April 2020 before Lock down and we are still not paid and our employer is not making any follow-up with us.

  37. Good day
    How can I find out if my employer register me for UIF
    if I search on the payment Status – it say Employer not yet captured

  38. Hi I need to ask my employer told me and my other colleague that when he was submitting claims for us it said we already have active claim I don’t understand how….and most of our colleagues got paid it’s only the two of us and foreign nationals when I checked it showed that the company received to payments already, on the 29 and 7th as well…

    When we ask he keeps telling us that we must wait as he is still waiting for the pay out…

    I checked using my id number as wel it said not processed…

    • Bonnie it seems you 1st applied directly. By the time employer applied on your behalf your claim was already in the system. Hence employer claim on your behalf was rejected. This is a problem between you and UIF. The employer is not guilty.

  39. I am now confused each of every month my salary is being deducted but now I didn’t get anything but others they got paid I am so worrying try to be fair

  40. Hi thanx for ur time plz we are sick about this UIF we got no money in our pockets to buy food,rent electricity and even precaution of this desease but now our company received UIF our id shows us but the company did not giveus they promise us to dismiss if we try to talk about now they got benefit by our id plz help us sir our hurt are full of blood we suffer we can’t do nothing plz government must put our UIF in our id account not on company account that better ways to solve this issue

  41. They dnt want to pay us our UIF company but is proccessed 7days ago helps . government must change this & put on our account number of employees cz this money we not get anything employers gives us 350e can u magine🤔

  42. My name is Noluthando o want to know of maybe uif paid to my company os 3500 will i get that 3500 or ot will be way less?

  43. Someone please just copy and paste the list of the companies that have claimed and received funds cause that link is not opening

  44. Hi, The money we receiving from UIF is it including the salaries the employer have to pay. for example they said we will be receiving 50% salary but then only to receive the amount reflected on the UIF payment status?

  45. go on UIFECC type in in at my status your ID number to see if any UIF was paid out to you and when

  46. Please help us we saw that the company has been paid on the 6th of May, but they say they did not receive any money from UIF they are will waiting, we are confused as employees, please help my no is 082 971 2939 you can WhatsApps, its clothing factory in western cape Boland area in business park Somerset West

  47. To add more our employer paid us for two weeks and said the uif must pay the other weeks, until today still waiting for UIF money but the co is in the list of paid employer On 6 May, please help us, but when I check my UIF status says employer not yet captured, where is the problem please the government must intervene

  48. Good morning we have a big problem here in our company,, we did close since lock down stated, but they changed the system of working , now what happen they said to us they are waiting for this money ( uif) because they can’t paying now because they are not making any profit, we checked this money and it’s shows us that they already received it but they keep on telling us lies, some of us they said we must stay at home because we were coming from another province without any income,, I stay for 14 days at home without an income, 4 weeks no income

  49. Hi please goverment tell us why aren’t getting paid for our uif we don’t even get food parcel because they said it only for those who don’t get anything ok we do understand that case but what about our uif we workers what are we supposed to do we also need the government to do the speech about this it to much corruption here

  50. Hi my has applied for the iuf relief and paid us 60%of our salary every week for four weeks. Now when I my payment status it says I got paid on the 29/04/20 and when I check next day it says I got paid on the 30/04/20 . Is it possible for company to claim twice? If not so please explain on the dates

  51. Hi, My company has received the money and they have paid everyone except me. They told me UIF decline my application because i have an active application. what does that mean? The last time i applied for UIF was 2 years ago when i was on maternity leave. I really need the money to survive.

  52. Hi my name is Gabriel i would like to know or get some answer the status for my company is processed but the amount is 0 what does this meaning our company did get paid or not

  53. Can u pls help us my company’s name is my uniform property pls help because they say they did not get the money even now since march no payment how will we survive during this time. Or else y don’t we apply for our self cos the company are robbing us pls come with other plans .

  54. Hi,just want to find out I am working for a electrical company which is owned by 1 owner ,the company trade under another name.now the owner say that uif refuce to pay us because it’s not registered as a pty Ltd. Company.is this true?if it is how come tuckshops get support?they are not put Ltd registered.

  55. Hi my boss says the uif hasn’t paid them out but when i check on the list it says it did pay the company i am confused can someone explain to me or maybe she is lying to us ?

  56. Hi there, we are still confused… our company keeps on telling us that, there is no response since they applied, is that possible…
    Am Ngabo Joel and works for D & G fashions LTD..
    This is my 14th year working for the company above… Help please

  57. Hi I’m having a hard time to understand, how uif works.. the company I work for told us we are going to get paid 38% of our salary right,but today I got smething different. Got paid R1900 which is not 38% R10,900..Really need help

  58. Hi, i just want to find out something, i checked on the uif link and it shows that my company has been paid but i still havent received the payment yet. Also when i check on the status of my application it shows that ill be getting less than R3500 so ho is that possible. is the someone that can clarify this for me.

  59. I haven’t received any money since lockdown and we’re staving with my kids. My company paid out some of the staff and told some of us that they are waiting for another payment. How long does it take you to payout. This is stress more than ever.

  60. Since lockdown has started we have not got paid, i will like to know my Employer did claim for our uif?

  61. HAI IM ONE OF THE WORKERS WHO WORKED FOR 6 YEARS BUT I RECIEVE R460 WHAT MUST I DO TO ensure that these payment is right

  62. Hi there

    So i applied on behalf of the employees, only to find out that they have not been registered for UIF. I was then advised to declare employees on the Ufiling platform. I tried registering however my registration got “locked” (not sure how thats possible) any way after a week long struggle (registration still locked to date after many escalations and ‘investigation’). I was then told to send through UI19 form to declarations email which i did, only to call 0800 030 007 and find out that the email no longer works (that meant more escalations on not getting clear feedback from consultants). Long story short, I was told on Wednesday that the UI19 form must be sent to covid19declarations@labour.gov.za, and then I must wait.

    My payment status says Processed with 0 as amount.

    Anyone else in this situation?


  63. Hi ever since lockdown we did not receive any payment my employer says he only got money for 24 workers is that true

  64. Hi I’m working for DHL supply chain ,the company apply for us,we check and it showed that money was processed on the 12 of may,when we ask our HR they said they will reverse money to labour .please help it is possible for labour to take money back after releasing it,
    Concern worker.

  65. hi guys my boss told me that only one person got paid.hows that possible and whats gonna happen if the company got paid but they dont pay us.we also have familys to feet.

  66. Hi there, I am an employee of a company in East londonLondon we found out that out company did get paid the uif as we saw the name on the list of companies that received the moneyoffice but when we asked our employerboss about it he still denied that it was paid. Can you please assist us on how to go about this matter in order for us to get our money back from him

  67. Hi My Wife’s company received funds 3 x and since lock down haven’t paid them a cent , all they say they are waiting for the uif. They refuse to give documents to do their own applications.
    Some of the employees have picked up on ufiling that the company is not even paying to the uif fund but is deducting from their salaries.
    Please assist.

  68. Hi i have checked nd saw my company has been paid nd when I check my status i see that the money reflect but there is nothing reflecting in my acc how is that possible nd how long does it take to reflect on ur acc?

  69. May I have some clarification on this,my company applied “so they say”for TERS on the 27 April till today nothing has been paid to some of us,few people got the TERS money and those few people are now processed for the second paymen,while we haven’t even received the first payment.please assist I’m confused now it’s either our company is failing us oh the government is failing us as employees.

  70. Hi I’m working at a security company here in joburg,and ever since this lockdown started we have never stopped working but our company went to claim the uif money using our details
    After they know that we are aware about that,they said they are going to send the money back to uif

  71. Hi,
    My employer has been paid, he forced us to take annual leave and unpaid leave and we only got half of our salaries, now they have been paid , they claim that we are only intitled to get R1000 however they were paid over R25 000 for the 4 of us.
    They are claiming that the money is too much, they are reversing it back

  72. Hi, my company has applied for all our worker and only 7 were processed and paid and the rest declined. They have resubmitted our claims again but they are struggling and keep being redirected to different portals. And they have submitted all employers details from the word go. What is happening why is TERS UIF making it so difficult and declining every time when the company UIF and we can’t even find our company name on the link provided to check the status of company but yet some employees were paid I’m confused, frustrated and angry. Please help.

  73. Hi there i also have this problem with my company. Thy made a claim on behalf of us for Uif they said thy haven’t reseaved any mony this month. I looked up under paid company’s, and there it showed they reseaved on the 03 of May. How can i find out how much of my is been paid out if i don’t have a ref nr. We reaseaved mony but they can’t show how much was paid out i am desperate plaese.

  74. Hi I am Bongokuhle one of the employees who still waiting for payment from uif relief fund we’ve been waiting since April nothing happening only 17 people reiceved their money the rest is still waiting

  75. Hi I just finished collecting uif in January 2020 and then got empolyed end January 2020 my employer sent the uif application however it shows not processed .
    I got a bond to pay I am already in arrears because I was out of work
    Please advise

  76. Hi My Name Is Sarah i havent received any payment from UIF yet other employees got paid. Im the only one who did not get paid amongst all the south africans. Im very frustrated and called uif send emails and they still say its not processed. Until when should we wait i have a 1 year old baby no food parcel or any form of support. I dont even have sanitary pads for that matter. Im so depressed and i feel as good as dead cos even the treatment at home its heartbreaking. I need help please im begging and pleading for payment as i need it. My son doesnt have diapers i feel lost

  77. Hey i checked my status on that link that was given to me then it showed Not Processed Yet i checked this morning then it showed Application Not Processed Yet can anyone pls tell me what does that mean thanx

  78. How can I check if my company was submitting uif to the government because they were deducting it on our payments but now they are speaking different stories that you are foreigners you won’t receive you uif and is that possible

  79. Hi lasi month we got uif money but this month they said they didn’t claim because offices were closed is it possible

  80. Hi there, need help please,
    1. our company says they claim for the Ters benefit, it’s been a week now, I need to know how long does it take for a employer to get a response 2. I tried checking the status by entering my ID number, Payment Status: No employee’s found.
    3 I typed my company name on the search portal, it shows no data found,,, is someone lying to us about something or?

  81. Hi i have check my moms status n it said its been processed on the 15 may 2020, the company she works for is on the list and her employer told them that the money has been paid bt he will first deduct it before give them coz they work lyk 5 days in first two weeks. Plz assist do they have to share the money? Or she must get R4027.00 which is show in her status plz help

  82. Hi Can someone please guide me here. Am working from home, to keep the company afloat am putting more hours sometimes up to 15 to 20 hours a day. Last month I got paid only 50% of my salary, for this month i just found out that i will not get paid but will get only the UIF with a 1 to 2 weeks delay. My question is how will I survive with my 2 kids until I get something from the UIF. I understand the situation and am willing to work even 24/7 for 50% of my salary on the the hand how will i be able to put food on the table because i do not see myself pulling 2 weeks without money and food.

  83. When will the covid-19 ters be paid out because we are still waiting on payouts . Only 30 were paid 52 still waiting on payouts its been 2 months now since the lockdown started. Here we start working and still receive nothing from uif dept. My name is Godfrey Daniels

  84. Hi where can I report the company that doesn’t want to pay us our money they received from the uif

  85. Guys can anyone assist us when I check my status is shows it has been processed and on the list of paid companies our company appears but we have not received anything because they say labour department have not paid them yet please help us understand this because we are suffering now.

  86. Hi my name is esaia I just don’t know if is my boss or department of labor that are lying to us bt the fact is my boss did apply for us and he send all requested documents so I just don’t know what is the reason for us not to get pai

  87. Hi ,I’ve been waiting from April ,some employees in same company got paid but 18 of us didn’t and was told company submitted wrong and I’m still waiting. Doesn’t look like I’m getting anything. The struggle is real .I understand this is a pandemic, but I rather be at work than to be sitting at home and waiting for this funding that’s not coming

  88. Hi my name is busisiwe when I check my status it’s shown 0 amount and it’s says payment processed on the 16 of may we are still waiting for April payment plz help us

  89. My question is one: the payout from UIF is it paid from employee uif contributions or is it paid as a covid relief pay by government???

  90. Please help.We’ve only worked for 9 days during the month of May.Will we get something for the hours lost?

  91. Hi
    I received my jig payout but it doesn’t correspond with what the jig has given me.what can I do?

  92. Hi i haven’t received my payment for May month ma boss told me that the govement had not pay for de month of May.im still at my house not wrking yet since i was told to stay indoors.

  93. Good day i have not get UIF for 3 months i am from the western cape all my pepper works is done right
    my company i was in contact more 12 times they set they are waiting for it as we,ll i when online checking UIF pay out , then i saw they got 2 month s pay out o ready i have called in too laber determent and give them my all my details o ready they set they will check up they came back with me and give me a email adres s i forward my UIF form too them and i am still waiting that,s how bad it is . i am in conatck with the inspector too trill them all out and give me the truth with report i now will take action on all of them to get my uif payment get all answers.\

  94. Hello people asking questions but not getting answers we only get paid for UIF ters once for April when i check my status its says no employee found what’s really going on or our government is playing us when we call people worked at department of labour they told me to ask my employer how is that at least tell us how many months should we get the UIF ters money don’t live us hanging

  95. Good day
    My UIF was proceeded on the 28/05/2020 but still didn’t get anything,my employer says my ID is mixed up with someone’s name so he will make pay out according the names. At the moment someone is receiving my money with my ID. What’s he’s telling me is a lie,there’s fraud there. What can I do?? Please guys I really need help

  96. Hi my name is Sphe since we apply for UIf Covid 19 we never received any thing ever since lockdown staterd we hungry we have to pay bills 😿

  97. Hi im Sarah I’m working at a restaurant as a waitress i need help i did not reserved my UIF but all the people im working with they have reserved theirs, when i asked they say it was not approved please help me, now the are saying they are waiting for this month to come

  98. Good evening

    I need your help since I received an sms saying that the applications for this month are not yet aponed is it true?

  99. Wise training center already claim but we don’t receive even 2cent, and he just keep quite. I don’t know what he think

  100. Please help me to check if the amount I received in April is correct as the amount on the payment status is 0. From Onica

  101. What I wanna know is WHY must employees wait so long for their money from the UIF department and also Why must the money first be paid into the companies account and then they must pay their employees??
    Secondly are we going to get DOUBLE PAYMENT seeing that we are in the last month of the UIF June???
    Why is it when I check my UIF PAYMENT STATUS it says NO EMPLOYEES FOUND?

    I’m so sick and tired of this really it’s like nothing is getting done Government needs to do something about this its either Step up or Shut up!

    • Hi m Phumi.Can someone tell me how long is it gonna take to process the application cos my colleagues got their money on the 20th of May but m still waiting ,apparently there was an error on my applicarion nd my employer fix that nd send the application again nd now it about 3 weeks my payment status say Not Processed yet. Pls can u tell me what is really happening with labour Department

  102. I seriously hope the Uif department reads all the concerns of the hungry South Africans. We all have families to feed….. Our application for the company also states “Application in Progress”, how long must one wait for April monies. Numerous calls to the call centre at UIF but no one can assist. We are told that we should keep checking the website for a change. This will not feed our families…. Please assist us urgently. This is becoming a very big concern. May applications are open but we cannot apply for May because April’s application hasn’t been processed yet. Im very concerned. Please help us fellow South Africans…….

  103. Hi I would like to ask since same people are working only 4days a week and 4days off its it possibly for them to still get uif for june ?

  104. Hi I will like to ask if the Uif covic19 tars is supposed to be taxed by an employer or what.An Al’s want to know what

  105. Hi, I was on annual leave from 14 May and came back June, am I going to be able to get my uif for the month of June? I wasn’t informed before I take leave that I have been registered for the uif because of lack of communication at my work place , I need that information please

  106. I have been been waiting for 3months still didn’t receive any uif while my fellow employees have received there 2nd pay out from uif

  107. Good day,i did our applications for ters uif,i received mine for may but the other employee still waiting,his status differ everytime,than not processed yet,then app in progress,than payment sent to financial status tah app in progress,we sent all the forms,u19 bank confirmation letter declations,still nothing

  108. hello im jeffrey im working at lagai roi lodge all employees we are having problem about the lodge it doesnt pay us in time and the owner retranged people to go and sit at home without any cent he keep on promising that he will pay us but he doesnt fulfill hes promise and we struggle to get paid so we need help

  109. My colligues has received their ters payment but it’s only few of us who did not get it how may you assist me with this process

  110. I want to know who benefits from the Ters money. Should it be the employer or the employee. According my status my employer received money for March and April. I did not hear anything. I saw my status and the amount that was approved. Can they appropriate that with your salary. Should I not get anything?

  111. Mandla, Please help’ our company keep on telling they still waiting for covid19 ters relief since June but if check from uif website they have been paid out till 29 OCTOBER

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