OPINION: Stop smokers’ suffering

Smokers around the country are finding the current ban on the sale of tobacco products a travesty that could easily be resolved. Reporter, Rob Knowles, shares his opinion on the subject.
UGLY BUT NECESSARY: The government’s regulations preventing the sale of tobacco products is cruel and unusual punishment to the vast majority of smokers in the country. Is this a case where the Geneva Convention applies?
The government’s lockdown is probably what is required so our healthcare system (as much as there is) can cope. It will not prevent Covid-19 contagion in the longer term, just “flatten the curve”, as the pundits tell us.
I am a smoker, and I make no apologies for that. The ban on cigarette sales is both futile and petulant. Sure, the non-smokers will point out that smoking causes lung disease (the last thing you need with a respiratory infection on the loose) and is not healthy or essential. I would agree if I were a non-smoker.
But I do smoke, rollies, and now I am reduced to picking up stompies or breaking the law to buy black-market cigarettes. You see, unlike the alcohol ban, most drinkers are not addicts, but most (maybe all) smokers are. Can you imagine dying of thrust and going to the shops where water is usually sold, only to find all the water bottle shelves with crime scene tape all over them and all the bottled water stored in the back storeroom?
I accept that most smokers will not die from lack of nicotine, but this is a serious addiction and people are suffering. The explanation provided by the dethroned chair of the AU, Dla-(very meany) Zuma was as entertaining as it was ridiculous. She said (with hand actions) how smokers share a “zol”. So, does she believe the ban is going to encourage people to not share? I think the opposite. If you have a cigarette and don’t share there is a good chance someone will liberate you of your packet (after a sharp blow to the head).
For goodness sake, let’s get some perspective. I’m not going to dwell on the fact that the Command Council (that totally unconstitutionally-established group of nazis) have crippled our economy (they are attempting to control every aspect of our life during lockdown instead of treating us like human beings).
So I’m going to wear my newly-purchased open-toed sandals and a pair of shorts with no leggings along with a short-sleeved T-shirt and walk into town demanding that someone buy me a packet from the thousands that have in stock but are not allowed to sell. Of course, I’m not thinking of my own serious addiction but rather those poor cigarette factory employees who need my hard-earned (and vastly reduced) salary to feed their families.
Think of that, otherwise, the smuggler’s kids are going to get my dough.

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