Over 100‚000 grants of R350 paid out‚ nearly 1.6 million declined

The SA Social Security Agency (Sassa) has paid 116‚867 destitute South Africans a grant of R350.

A total of 1‚597‚127 applications have been disapproved since they have some or other means of income‚ said the agency.

“We have received approximately 13 million enquiries/applications about the temporary special Covid-19 SRD grant as at Monday‚ 25 May 2020. About 6.3 million of these were valid complete applications. The rest were either duplicate applications‚ incomplete‚ had inconsistent data‚ or were just pure enquiries”‚ said Busisiwe Memela‚ Sassa CEO.

About 1.2 million requests are being finalised through verification by the SA Revenue Service to confirm if they have an income. A total of 666‚381 clients have been approved and Sassa is awaiting banking details.

Sassa said it has also successfully implemented the increase of the child support grant by R300 per child and an additional R500 per caregiver from June to October. Other existing grants were increased by R250 per month from May to October.

By: Timeslive

Source: ARENA Holdings.


  1. It’s just the ANC way, throw the taxpayers money at the problem and it temporarily goes away. It’s like pushing a sealed 2lt plastic bottle filled with air under the water, the problem will keep floating back up to the surface shortly after.

  2. I’m unemployed and l don’t receive any income. I receive massage from Sassa saying l don’t qualify to get unemployment grant. How is that possible.

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