ACDP speaks out on godly governance

According local African Christian Democratic Party member Leon Coetzee, South Africa’s mire of foreign debt and corruption can only be fixed by godly governance, under Christian leaders abiding by biblical principles.

ON THE AIR: ACDP member Leon Coetzee, left, was interviewed by Ndlambe FM station manager Dodo Shupping on godly governance, characterised by leadership of integrity Picture: TK MTIKI

Coetzee made the point in an interview on Ndlambe FM last Friday. The local radio station has recently started a programme hosting a member of a political party every Friday from 5pm to 6.30pm.

Although Coetzee spoke as an ACDP member, he made it clear he would support anyone living by Christian values and spoke fondly of Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng as such an individual.

“Personally I am advocating for godly governance even if it’s not from my party,” he said.

Mogoeng recently came under criticism from the ruling party because he publicly admitted supporting Israel. But the chief justice won support from other people, including Coetzee. He sees Mogoeng as a Christian who speaks truth and stands up for Christian values.

“He prayed for Israel, God’s people, and even mentioned that verse that says ‘those that who bless Israel will themselves be blessed but those that curse Israel will themselves be cursed (Numbers 24:9)’. And that’s not his words, that’s from the bible,” Coetzee said.

“Now there is another general Christian group formation from all parties and cultural groups. Christians getting together supporting the chief justice because he is standing up for Godly values and he is a Christian man, probably one man in my understanding that has got the best reputation of being an honest man and with very high integrity,” he said.

Coetzee said the chief justice’s stand on Christian values was what South Africa needed. “He does not back off on Christian principles and he is all for being part of a Christian godly governance, and that’s what I believe is absolute necessity for South Africa,” he said.

When asked about the chief justice being an outspoken person, Coetzee said: “You know there is a saying that says to be silent when evil is prevailing, that in itself is evil. You need to speak the truth. He speaks the truth and the Bible says you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

According to Coetzee a true Christian regards the Bible to be an ultimate manual for life, godliness, justice and righteousness. Coetzee further perceives Mogoeng as a considerate individual. “I like that he has not done this in an arrogant manner,” he said.

Coetzee went on to say that South Africa was in the worst situation that any country could find itself in, adding that many people were not aware of that reality. Supporting his claims Coetzee said about 80% of municipalities were bankrupt and state owned enterprises were facing a similar crisis.

He highlighted Eskom and SAA as clear evidence to his claims. Coetzee further believes that the corruption revealed at the Zondo Commission of Enquiry is as a result of the lack of honesty and integrity in government. He expressed his disappointment at the lack of charges against implicated individuals.

Coetzee was sceptical of South African government’s relationship with China. “Our government is very close with China. They have borrowed a huge amount, billions, and it has been added to due to Covid-19.

“We are in a situation of not being able to pay it back so if we are unable to pay it China will take our mines, Eskom and other SOEs. The problem with that is many people will lose their jobs because China might send its people to work in those companies,” he said.

Coetzee said anyone who wants clarity on his views can contact him on 082-673-1492.

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