Update from Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 Joint Operations Committee

As of July 21, there were a total of 521 confirmed cumulative Covid-19 positive cases in Ndlambe, of which 262 were new cases for July.  A total of 149 cases are active, 369 patients have recovered, and three have died.

“We offer our sincere condolences to the families of [these] three members of our community,” the Ndlambe Municipality Covid-19 Joint Operations Committee (JOC) said in a statement.

Town Total Active Cases Recoveries Deaths
Port Alfred 383 93 287 3
Alexandria 41 16 25
Bathurst 37 15 22
Kenton on Sea 40 19 21
Boesmansrivier 20 6 14
Total 521 149 369 3


There is still a delay in laboratory results, therefore the number of positive cases are most likely much higher, according to the JOC.

Quarantine:  The Department of Health has announced that the quarantine period can be reduced from 14 to 10 days.  However, patients who have tested positive must be guided by their doctor.  A determination will be made on the quarantine period based on the severity of symptoms, and will vary from a minimum of 10 days from date of testing for asymptomatic patients to longer periods for those more severely affected.

“Patients who have recovered are cautioned to take care and follow the guidelines of social distancing, wearing a mask and regular hand washing as studies in the UK have shown that patients can become re-infected post infection,” the JOC said.

Port Alfred Hospital:  A total of 1,620 tests have been conducted, 318 confirmed positive and 94 tests pending.  A dedicated 10 bed Covid-19 private ward is fully operational.

Marjorie Parish TB Hospital:  Five health care workers have tested positive, and two have recovered.   A refurbished 32 bed Covid-19 isolation ward is currently underway, with an expected eight weeks completion date.

Clinics:  A total of 37 560 screenings have been done in Ndlambe clinics.  Additional care workers have been appointed.   All clinics continue to be sanitised by Ndlambe Municipality.  A total of 395 positive cases were recorded as of July 15 and all clinics report adequate PPE.

Education:  A number of schools have been temporarily closed, fumigated and re-opened.

Communication:  Regular updated media statements are sent out via social media, local press and posted on Ndlambe Municpality’s website.  Regular educational radio broadcasts are undertaken at Ndlambe FM and educational billboards have been erected.

Ndlambe Municipality: A number of municipal employees have tested positive for Covid-19, thus resources are stretched.   The public are asked to please be patient and are assured that all essential services continue to be rendered.

Economic recovery:  Collaboration between business and the municipality continues with assistance being given to fast tracking building plans.

Destination marketing:   Understanding the need for niche marketing, tourism invested in advertising in an international Golfing magazine in collaboration with the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club and Royal St Andrews Hotel.  The magazine is entitled Destination Golf and is available on line and in hard copy internationally.  An impressive eight-page colour article on the Sunshine Coast is featured, with the intention of offering Port Alfred as a golfing destination.

Scenic photographs posted by residents are shared on the tourism’s social media platform and two videos marketing the area were recently created and uploaded to You Tube and various social media platforms.

Virtual exhibition marketing:  The first international virtual exhibition is due to take place at the end of this week.  Over 500 Eastern Cape exhibitors are taking part in this exhibition, and we are proud to say that Sunshine Coast Tourism is amongst the exhibitors.

Dam levels: The Sarel Hayward Dam is currently at 50% capacity, with water still being pumped from the Kowie River.   Kleinemonde/Seafield dam levels are at 100% and Bathurst at 36%.  Residents are requested to please use water sparingly, especially as it is the dry season.




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