Back to black? Eskom warns that system is ‘severely constrained’

Eskom has urged people to use electricity sparingly after six units tripped on Monday.
Image: Ngawkeaw

Eskom has hinted at load-shedding in the coming days. The power utility issued a statement on Monday saying its generation system was once again strained.

“Eskom requests the public to reduce electricity usage as the power generation system is severely constrained this [Monday] evening. Today six generation units suffered trips, while the return to service of three others has been delayed,” it said.

The tripped units were at Duvha, Majuba, Tutuka, Hendrina, Matla and Kendal power stations. Matla, Kendal and Tutuka are yet to come back on service.

Eskom warned of the implications of any further trips.

“Any additional breakdowns will compromise Eskom’s ability to supply the country through the peak demand between 5pm and 9pm. The constrained supply situation may persist for the next few days.”


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