INSIDE LOOK: Ndlambe Lockdown Support Group

Talk of the Town visited the Ndlambe Lockdown Support Group (NLSG) on Friday, August 7, to see what exactly these dedicated volunteers get up to on a daily basis.

The NLSG was established in response to the national lockdown in South Africa and over 100 days later they are still going.

To date the NLSG has raised over one million rand, handed out over 7000 food parcels, handed out blankets and clothing, fed and assisted hundreds of domestic animals and distributed 1000’s of masks.

Without the support and generous donations of the local community, business owners and friends of Port Alfred nationally and internationally none of this would have been possible.

Visit the Ndlambe Lockdown Support Group’s Facebook page and contact them should you wish to make a donation to assist them in the continuation of their efforts.​

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