Recipes to share – Meringues

Today’s recipe is the versatile meringue. Easy to make and lends itself to numerous desserts. You can make them as big or small as you want, pipe them into Pavlova shells (mini or family size) which you can fill with fruit, nuts, cream or ice cream. Another delicious yet simple meringue base dessert is Eton Mess – break your meringues into chunks, and just mix with cut up strawberries and cream. If you don’t have any of these other ingredients enjoy them on their own for a sweet treat.

Mini meringue nest/pavlova – fill with fruit and cream

When making meringue, it is a must to have an electric mixer (stand one preferably) but if you are willing to put in the time then an electric hand beater will also do the trick.

Meringues are not difficult to make but here are some tips which ensures a perfect meringue every time.
1. Always use a glass or metal bowl to mix your meringue in.
2. Make sure to separate your eggs properly, no egg yolks can be in the mix
3. Don’t over whip you egg mixture, just until stiff peaks form (Stiff Peaks – Turn the whisk upside down, and those peaks hold proudly. They should point straight up without collapsing except maybe a little bit at the very tips).
There are dozens of other tips available but these are the ones I stick to and it works for me.


Pre-heat oven to 100°C.

1 Egg white (large)
1 cup Castor Sugar
2 teaspoons Vinegar
6 teaspoons boiling Water
Colouring (if you want)
2 ml Baking Powder

Beat all the ingredients except the baking Powder until very stiff and then add the baking powder.
Then beat a little more.
Pipe onto tin foil. (If you don’t have a piping bag, spooning it into mounds also works well)

Bake at 100°C for 1 hour 45min. Check one meringue to see if it has baked through, otherwise just leave in a little longer. Switch off oven and leave in oven until cold.

Enjoy – Anneli

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