Remembering Shawn Ashwin Samuel

BRAVE TO THE END: Shawn Samuel

“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” ― Thomas Campbell

Paraplegic Shawn Samuel passed away almost a year ago, and his family want people to know that he never gave up, despite years of pain and suffering and now want to share his story.

Following an accidental injury at Kiddies Beach in the summer of 2003 Samuel was taken to Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth and declared a quadriplegic. While there he developed bedsores, as big as dinner plates, his family explained. Then followed a series of moves, first to the provincial hospital for skin grafts and then on to Nightingale Lodge and, later, to Cheshire Home in Cleary Park where he spent a few months. Later still he was transferred to the Chatsworth Cheshire Home in Durban to be closer to his mother and siblings who lived there.

Unwilling to simply give up Samuel secured a job at Edgars, monitoring CCTV footage and watching out for thieves. However, while being driven home one day he was involved in a traffic accident. Unfortunately, Samuel had a stroke and his condition grew worse. His mother moved to Mthatha in 2013 to look after him. Over the next few years, Samuel was in and out of hospital due to severe medical problems with his rectum and ulcers.

In November last year Samuel was admitted to Mthatha General Hospital due to a burst ulcer and, despite a heroic effort, did not survive, dying on November 18. He was buried in Port Alfred East cemetery on November 23. Samuel was the grandson of Ronnie Samuel who has saved many lives in rescuing swimmers from drowning.

At the time his family felt very hurt and said they did not have the energy to share his passing, which they wished to do now.

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