Unintentional sewage pond

HEALTH HAZARD: A sewage pond has developed in empty land in Forest Downs that will prevent building work and is a potential serious health hazard to the residents of the area Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Talk of the Town was contacted recently regarding a sewage problem that they suggested, might have been growing for some time.

The sewage pond can be found on the veld at the bottom of Surf View Road in Forest Downs. From observation, it appears the pond is well established and has been growing for some time. Residents are concerned that summer will bring disease to the area.

This area of the town is a popular location of new arrivals who wish to invest by building their homes there. Already several plots have been allocated due to the surveyor’s flags planted in the veld.

Talk of the town has asked Ndlambe Municipality to look into the problem and awaiting a response.

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