Foreign students raise R20,000 to feed 100 needy families

A local student who used her birthday as a fundraiser was able to raise R20,000 to feed 100 hungry families in Nemato.

A MOMENT OF PRAYER: Precious Sibalo’s birthday project, themed ‘A birthday with a purpose’ raised R20,000 to feed needy families in Nemato on Saturday August 22. Sibalo credited the success of her birthday wish to her team. From left are Liberty Chirumiko, Nathan Ashaya, Precious Sibalo, Hannah Mariya Uddin and Bonani Tinklah Ngqobo Picture: TK MTIKI

A final year student at 43 Air School, Precious Sibalo’s birthday was on August 7, but she decided to forgo a birthday party and presents to do something for other people instead.

“I was thinking instead of me getting lipsticks and make-up for my birthday as always, why can’t I reach out to a family. I suggested that my friends pledge a Pick n Pay Covid relief food hamper for R200,” Sibalo said.

She came up with a theme, “A birthday with a purpose”, and together with other foreign students at the air school, they raised R20,000 to buy 100 food buckets which they distributed on August 22.

She said they focused on elderly pensioners.

Asked how old she was, Sibalo jokingly said: “For me to answer that question you have to donate a bucket.”

She said in good humour that she sacrificed lipsticks and make-up because she could not put them on while wearing a mask.

As well as the food, she also handed out 150 copies of her favourite daily devotional, Rhapsody of Realities by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Explaining the importance of Rhapsody of Realities, Sibalo said: “It has actually changed my life because I believe in the power of the mind.” She asserted that people are the outcomes of the knowledge they possess.

“If you have knowledge or whatever you feed your mind with, you shall become that. You are the character of your thoughts. In this book you are able to come out of that negativity and think positively,” she said.

She credited the success of her birthday wish to her team comprising of Liberty Chirumiko from Zimbabwe (Stenden student), Nathan Ashaya from Nigeria (43 Air School student), Hannah Mariya Uddin from Manchester (43 Air School student) and Bonani Tinklah Ngqobo from Port Alfred.

In appreciation of her friends’ support, Sibalo said: “I am very grateful for my friends who came from all over the world – Canada, Zimbabwe, Dubai, Germany and South Africa.”

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