WATCH | Spanish triathlete gives up podium spot in heartwarming gesture

Spanish triathlete Diego Méntrida giving up a podium spot for British triathlete James Teagle.

Well, here’s some good news for your Wednesday morning.

A Spanish triathlete who gave up his podium spot for another runner is receiving praise online.

In a now-viral video, Diego Méntrida can be seen allowing British triathlete James Teagle to finish ahead of him, after Teagle made a wrong turn less than 100m from the finish line.

The 2020 Santander Triathlon took place at the weekend in Barcelona, Spain, and video footage of the kind act was shared on social media this week.

Watch the video below.


Taking to Instagram, Méntrida said Teagle was more deserving of a place on the podium as he was ahead for most of the race.

“This is something my parents and my club have taught me since I was little,” he wrote. “In my opinion it should be considered as a normal situation. I never thought that something like this would go so far and be echoed in so many media. But it is a pride to receive so much affection.”

Teagle praised Méntrida for showing “incredible sportsmanship and integrity”.

“I missed the finish chute in a triathlon in Spain. After about 50m I realised and sprinted back. By that point, Méntrida was 50m from the finish chute and we ended up sprinting for the line. I crashed into the barrier and thought it was over.

“Méntrida then did the unexpected. Having seen what happened, he stopped and allowed me to pass, showing incredible sportsmanship and integrity. Moral of the story is that sportsmanship is a highly regarded trait,” said Teagle.

According to CNN, the race organisers awarded Méntrida with an honorary third-place finish for his gesture.

US actor Will Smith also weighed in on the Méntrida gesture, saying it made him cry.

“It made me cry. I just like integrity, this is integrity on full display. You’re my dude Diego, I appreciate you,” said Smith.

BY Unathi Nkanjeni

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