SASSA Grant Payment for October 2020 – updated

October 2020 social grant payment dates:
Older Person’s Grants will be paid from 05 October 20200 (THIS INCLUDES ANY GRANTS LINKED TO THESE ACCOUNTS)
Disability grants will be paid from 06 October 2020 (THIS INCLUDES ANY GRANTS LINKED TO THESE ACCOUNTS)
All other social grants will be paid from 07 October 2020



  1. Why didn’t I get my sassa this August I get no income in my bank I’m sitting without a job for 4 years I don’t get any income in my bank

  2. Now the old age people have to wait two more days. They were already battling as it was with the third. All the supermarket specials are at the end of the month and by the time they get their money, all the specials are over. Not fair

  3. Am not working, I’ve applied for Sassa grant relief and I only receive R350 once, when I check my status its says irp5 registered, when I try to apply again it says already got application in progress, how does this thing work?

  4. Good day. Kindly let us know why the old age grants moved from the 1st of each month to the 5th? We are on level 1 of the lock down, all employees are back to work.

  5. Regarding the Sassa R350 grant.. people have been waiting and was not paid according..For the month of August..messages are coming through that there is other payments made into the accounts of.those who collected for previous.

    Are other people experiencing that same.problem..where is the payment for.the Month of August..We waiting.

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