Car enthusiasts to showcase their rides at Station Hill sports field

Station Hill sports field is the place to be on Saturday October 31, as a non-profit organisation called Stance4Charity will be hosting what the event organiser Stefan Mentoor described as a “show and shine” event.

AN EVENT WITH A PURPOSE: A non-profit organisation called Stance4Charity presents a must-attend event at the Station Hill sports field on October 31, where car enthusiasts will showcase their rides. The event aims to support girls at Station Hill Secondary School with sanitary pads

The event kicks off at 12 noon and the entry fee will cost R50 per person for adults while kids under the age of 10 years old will enter for free. Cars will be charged R50 at the gate for parking.

Highlighting the nature of the event Mentoor said: “The event will be bringing in car enthusiasts and competitors from all over the Eastern Cape to showcase their rides. This is the first event of its kind in Port Alfred and is destined to be big.”

Mentoor said event would be in support of Station Hill Secondary School, as Stance4Charity is looking to start a sanitary scheme for young girls who are struggling to afford the necessary products.

He further highlighted the raffle which will be taking place at the sports field.

“Stance4charity is raffling of a one-of-a-kind build Volkswagen mk1 called, as we all know it as ‘the Smurf’. The winner of the raffle will then choose one of 10 nominated cancer-related charities in South Africa to receive the proceeds made by the raffle,” he said.

Mentoor said the vehicle would be on display in Port Alfred on Saturday and tickets would be available to enter the draw.

“A ticket into the draw will cost R100 and the draw will take place on September 4 2021,” he said.

He further extended an invitation to anyone interested to join hands with Stance4Charity.

“If there is anyone who would like to join stance4charity with this initiative, please contact one of the organisers,” he said.

Stefan Mentoor: 071-750-9286

Dayallan Naidoo: 079-597-5005


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