Temporary social grant increases to stop

Finance minister Tito Mboweni gestures as he delivers his medium-term budget policy statement in parliament on Wednesday.
Image: Esa Alexander

The government will no longer continue with the temporary increases to social grants which were introduced to mitigate the economic effects of Covid-19 on the poor.

Among the increased grants that will revert to their original amount are child-support and old-age grants. The grants were temporarily increased by between R300 and R500 a month in April to cushion the poor from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic.

Finance minister Tito Mboweni made the announcement in parliament on Wednesday as he tabled the 2020 medium-term budget policy statement.

Mboweni told MPs that the temporary grant increases would now be stopped, as they were no longer affordable.

“The temporary increases in other grants will unfortunately have to come to an end,” said Mboweni.

The move is likely to be interpreted as a slap in the face of poor communities by civil society organisations, who have been calling on Mboweni to instead introduce further increases to social grants.

However, Mboweni has confirmed that the special Covid-19 social grant of R350 per month would remain in place until the end of January next year.

“Because this grant is so effective in reaching the unemployed, we propose to redirect R6.8bn from the public employment programme allocation,” he said.

BY Thabo Mokone


  1. But this is not fair for the mothers who dnt work at all coz the grant belongs to the child wich means the government dsnt care about dat

  2. We cannot afford to live and feed our families with only R440 only.it no longer buys nothing and by taking away those R500 u are leading us to hunger.

    • Hi wats the use u stop the child extra grant u only giving 350s to pple that’s on drugs and alcohol they don’t use the money for food or so they use it for there use where the kids of 2day can be helped with that money

  3. Because we reached to level 1 now suddently the government can’t afford 2 continue with the increasement of child support grands.. I think is unfair to all unemployed mother’s out there to be cutted off short from that temporary support grands.. While entering to December for children to have clothes and more food Why not wait for January like other social grands to be cutted off?

  4. I think Mr Mboweni made a big mistake to end that increases of child support, old age and people with disabilities because more than 65% of south Africans do rely on those grants so you just brought more stavertion and hunger to most households by stopping that increases I think you should reconsider that.

  5. Alot of people have not received all their payouts even the sassa mota app shows the funds have been approved. What is going on?????

  6. As a Sassa pensioner I find it quite hilarious that the payment dates have to be changed. What difference does it make whether they pay us on the third for November or the first of the month. Seems to me they are scoring. So, please pay old age on the 1st of each month and child grants etc. on the 2nd of each month. Those of us that only receive the Sassa pensioner had to wait 5 days last month before getting paid. It does not make any sense at all.

  7. Why Tito Mbowene cut off the top up grand because us as a South African we need it coz now kids need Christmas cloths and January we have to buy stationary and school uniform, The unemployed parent going to suffer coz covid19 took their job, u increase the hunger in SA ND the crime.

  8. Ist really messed up the extra money was a big help they rather keep the 350 for the drugies instead off leaving the extra money for the kids who really needs it

  9. And where are we going to get jobs around this time of a year who will be able to hire billions of people because some people were declined without no reason for those R350,I’ve got a son who applied for it and he doesn’t work or getting any fund but the respond from sassa he was declined what the government is doing is unfair really. R440 is nothing around this time especially with no work and beside we are still on lock down following the rules, how are we going to survive Mr President?

    • Seriously Anc watch out, you won’t get enough votes couse most of care givers dependent on the 500 we got I mean it really helped us even worse now its December time we made laybye hoping will cover food n clothes now back to square one really though hurt broken ☹️

  10. It’s not clear why Sassa decided to stop increased old/disability/child grants suddenly because Covid-19 is still alive & kicking 🤔

  11. Tito mboweni can’t just cut the extra grant money cause many and many families depend on that money why couldn’t u leave the money until January like the 350 grant so the government rather give money to nyaopes then give it to the people who need it the most to buy clothes for our kids since its December and school uniform and stationary cause this money is money for disastrous so by cutting the money off does it mean we out of disaster then u expect us to vote for u guys when u don’t think twice about the poor

  12. f I may be correct grant users are supposed to be getting R1000 or more. You guys are just chowing the country’ s money , the people’s money and you forget those monies are the ones that are helping us to patch where we can even thou its very little amount.

    we need the money hle bathong

  13. If they going to revert back to normal our dates should go back to normal and we must get our yearly increase.We struggling without jobs

  14. This extra payout was due to the covid19… You didnt announce that the covid has stopped… Y did the extra money stop… Makes no sense at all

  15. As far as I know the pandemic hasn’t end, why you cut off the R500 care giver grant🤔 it’s not for to these unemployed mothers food is expensive

  16. If the caregiver grant has been stopped then the grants itself has to increase because what is R440 there are mummy’s out there that is not working that can’t find jobs an is mother alone to her kids she has to put food on the table.. There are mummy’s hustling out there nappys alone is R440 things are expensive they realy need to reconsider and think about the poor.

  17. How can u cancel the extra money for the kids bt you keep the 350s for pple that’s on drugs n use alcohol they don’t use the money for food or 2 help there kids bt u don’t want 2 give it 2 kids that needs it

  18. I think it’s so unfair of Tito Mboweni to stop the extra r500 because I’m a single mother that’s unemployed have 2 children only my 1 son that’s 5years old is getting sassa I gave birth to my 2nd son on the 22nd of June 2020 cudn’t apply for him at sassa due to Circumstances and it’s difficult to survive from R440 for a month I don’t even qualify for the r350 because I get sassa for my son and to think that R500 that help me a lot please keep it in mind please Tito Mboweni or Cyril Ramaphosa and we don’t get any food parcels that can help us out our predicament.

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