MEDIA RELEASE: 25 NOVEMBER 2020 – Urgent update on Water Situation in Ndlambe

The current water situation in Ndlambe is as follows:
Port Alfred: The Sarel Hayward Dam is at a critical 2.6% capacity. This is below the level where water can be pumped from the dam. At present the only water source available to Port Alfred is the central belt boreholes with a pumping capacity of 0.86Ml per day. This equates to approximately 6% of average consumption. Electrical supply to the East Bank dune pumps was damaged during the recent Eskom outages and repairs are currently being undertaken by CDR Electrical. Once the repairs have been affected, this will increase water supply by 0.3Ml per day.

The recently introduced water schedules have assisted in reducing consumption, however, limited water capacity has seen the high lying areas struggling to get water. In order to stretch the limited water supply that we have, a new schedule will be introduced cutting water supply to the whole town every third day.
Thus, the new schedule, indicating when water will be cut for the upcoming week from 6:00am to 6:00pm will be:

water situation in Ndlambe - Port Alfred, Bathurst, Kenton, Alexandria, Boesmansriviermond

Note: Due to critically low levels we are implementing the above schedule to reduce water
With regard to the R/O plant – the new contractor has been appointed, and work will commence on the installation of the plant as soon as possible. It is anticipated that the plant will be in production by end January 2021. The feasibility of new borehole sites is being investigated.
Seafield: The Mt. Wellington dam remains at 100% capacity. Water for the area is presently being drawn from boreholes on the van Rooyen farm. Repairs to the water treatment plant have been completed.
Bathurst: The Golden Ridge dam is at 5% capacity. A water schedule will be introduced for Bathurst and will be made available within the next few days.
Kenton/Bushman’s: Amatole Water confirmed that the required 3.5Ml per day is achievable throughout the festive season. It has been agreed that Kenton/Bushmans water may be cut during the evenings to supplement water for Port Alfred and Bathurst during this severe crisis.
Alexandria: Reservoir levels are maintained between 60 – 63%, and that 1.4 kilo litres is supplied daily to town, from Cannon Rocks. Water is still being switched off between 21:00 and 4:00 daily.
Cannon Rocks / Boknes: It is anticipated that work on the R/O plant and subsequent pipeline to Alexandria will be completed early 2021. Contractors are presently on site.
Way forward:
• A strict water schedule has been introduced for Port Alfred.
• A water scheduled has been introduced for Bathurst.
• A contractor has been appointed for the installation of a 2Ml R/O plant in Port Alfred.

Ndlambe Municipality

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