Council Notes

Liquor hours will not be extended this holiday season.

“Accept that liquor must be restricted,” said Ndlambe mayor Khululwa Ncamiso.

The message was stated at the open Ndlambe council meeting that took place at the Civic Centre last Thursday morning. This was the last official meeting of the year before the Christmas break, where several significant decisions were made.

However, the much-anticipated announcement on whether the beaches would remain open during the holiday period was not raised. It was rumoured that such a decision would be made at the Covid-19 technical Joint Operating Committee (JOC) the following day, Friday.

This was the first face-to-face meeting for some time as previous council and executive committee meetings were carried out virtually over the MS Teams and Zoom. This, however, caused its own problems as some councillors and Ndlambe officials were still communicating via the internet and could not hear the proceedings. Cellphones were then connected, but the delay, as well as the echo inside the main hall, made following what was being discussed extremely difficult, and the set-up delayed proceedings by almost an hour.

When business finally got underway, the mayor thanked the technical JOC for its work and then spoke of the water crisis in the area and the challenges Ndlambe face. She also mentioned the liquor trading hours for the season would not be extended this year, as they have in previous years, due to Covid-19.

The first major topic was approval of the submission by EOH Coastal and Environment Services for the Integrated Waste Management Plan (IWMP). This comprehensive document covers waste collection, management of landfills, education and training of staff and more. The IWMP was approved.

The financial report for 2020/2021 was approved. Finance portfolio councillor Ray Schenk commented that he was pleased with the report and the controls the finance department had implemented.

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