Let’s all have a charitable Christmas

CHARITABLE CAUSE: Craig Ellis collecting funds at the Rosehill Mall for the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen recently Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Giving is in the nature of the people of the Eastern Cape and, during these difficult times it is worth remembering that, no matter how bad things seem to get there are always those who are worse off than you.

That is where charitable organisations play a crucial role in providing foodstuffs and other comforts to people who have nothing. Now, not just with Covid-19 and its variants, but also the lack of water in the area and, specifically as Christmas draws near, please give a thought to those who are not able to look after themselves this season; the very young, the very old and the sick.

Please give generously when you see people asking for help. If you cannot give money then spare an hour or so of your time to help at the SPCA, the Soup Kitchen or anywhere else where your service could be of benefit to others.