Veterinary clinic changes hands

THE PRACTICE: Assuming their new roles at Kowie Vet Clinic are, from left, Dr Helena and Gerhard Brink, with Drs Amir Anywary, LeRey Fourie, Leon de Bruyn, Jolinde Kruger and Willemien Jonck

After 32 years as a Veterinarian in private practice, and the past 12 years as the principal of the Kowie Veterinary Clinic, Dr LeRey Fourie retired on January 4 this year, and has personally assured that the practice will continue to grow and prosper into the future.

The clinic was founded by Fourie who took over a one-man veterinary practice in 2009 located in town where it remained until she purchased the property on Southwell Road and moved the practice to its current location.

With LeRey’s retirement, Dr Helena Brink takes over as principal of the facility, and her husband Gerhard is appointed as the practice manager of Kowie Vet Clinic.

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