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Jo-Anne Hilliar is a well-known South African landscape design consultant who is now, but due to Covid, working mainly internationally and operating under the company name of Landscape Design Consultants International.

Working within the South African borders the company’s areas of expertise includes training, horticultural knowledge, auditing of completed landscapes. Hilliar’s portfolio also includes being the regional head judge for the South African Landscape Institute for KZN.

The birth of Josies Plants has come from her own garden here in Port Alfred, which has a huge selection of understorey planting material, mainly indigenous, grown specifically and suited to the Eastern Cape conditions. The idea is to sell plants to the local community who will enjoy buying understorey/groundcover plants as there is a huge need to use hardy, self-sustaining plants to fill blank spaces, servicing gardens mainly for the Sunshine Coast area.

Coverage is very important and this brings in a low maintenance approach, thus avoiding intense maintenance overseeing input.

The cost of the plants, in one- to two-litre bags,  is extremely affordable, all sold in bag form, planted in a really good compost and potting medium mix. Plants can be selected at the listed address.  It is always good to call beforehand so customers can be guided to their appropriate needs.

Josies Plants supports “African Dream” organic compost/fertilizer combination available at Josies Plants.

For further information contact Josies Plants on 082-570-5858.

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