Crime Briefs – Tuesday April 13

Last Tuesday saw a number of crimes and reports of suspicious people in the area. Be vigilant and switch on alarms when leaving your home. Use the WhatsApp groups or call the police or your security company if you observe any suspicious activity.

Three suspects arrested for allegedly defrauding pensioners were hauled before a court on Friday. File image
Image: 123RF/ scanrail

MultiSecurity has published the following crime reports:

Just after 12 noon, a resident living in Henry Street reported that there was a hole in her fence and copper pipes had been stolen. Having spoken with the gardener on site, security officers said they not sure how many meters were stolen.

Later the same day, at 9.15pm, copper pipes were stolen from a home in Alfred Road as reported by the resident. In total it was estimated that 10m of copper pipe had been stolen. A case was opened with the SAPS but no arrests have yet been made.

Dogs were reported to be barking incessantly at 9.28pm in Riverside Drive and West Street.  After a patrol of the area security officers said that nothing untoward had been found.

Trespassers were reported to be at the back of a home in Park Road at 9.30pm. After paroling the area security officers said they found nothing suspicious. At just three minutes to midnight, the resident posted a WhatsApp message that there there was a trespasser at the rear of the home. However, security officers, having inspected the property again, could find nothing suspicious.

A resident in Southwell Road reported screaming and shouting coming from the direction of Damant Lodge at 9.55pm, apparently emanating from a home in Hancorn Lane. Together with SAPS officers, MultiSecurity discovered a man that was suspected of breaking into the home and the SAPS officers took the man into custody.

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