One dead in car collision at Bushman’s River

A devastating car accident which took place on the R72 at Bushman’s River last Thursday afternoon led to the death of a man believed to be aged 55 years old.

The man was declared dead on the scene while other three people were rushed to Port Alfred Hospital with moderate injuries.

Talk of the Town was alerted to the accident by a well-placed source who did not want to be named.

“It is alleged that a medium [size] truck travelling in the opposite direction overtook a car on a barrier line,” our source said.

TotT’s source went on to describe the accident as a side swipe collision between a bakkie and a truck. According to the source the medium size truck was carrying a tractor and travelling from Alexandria to Dutywa.

The truck driver and his passenger both escaped injury.

TotT’s source further stated that there were three vehicles involved in the accident – the truck, a bakkie and a powder blue vehicle, although is not clear how the latter became involved.

TotT’s source also said the bakkie had four occupants, of which one died, two were rushed to hospital and the fourth sustained no injuries. According to TotT’s source the deceased was a passenger seated behind the driver’s seat.

Speaking about third vehicle’s mysterious involvement TotT’s source said: “There was one female travelling in powder blue vehicle and she did not sustain any obvious injuries but she was rushed to hospital for an X-ray check.  It is not clear how the third vehicle became involved.”

All the three vehicles involved in the accident were severely damaged, with the truck’s driver side door left dangling and its windscreen smashed. The bakkie’s bonnet was ripped off and its windscreen shattered, while the powder blue vehicle’s bumper and front lights were damaged.


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