Discovering a piece of history on the Boesmansriviermond beach

LUCKY FIND: Pieter and Susanna Steenkamp found this piece of history while walking their dogs on the beach at Boesmanriviermond recently. It appears to be from a wooden shipwreck and the couple made inquiries with a museum in Germany to confirm their suspicions

Susanna and Pieter Steenkamp were walking their dogs on the beach at Boesmansriviermond during the Friday morning of April 16 when they came across a strange piece of yellow metal lying on the sand.

On examination of the object it seemed old and yet had no signs of corrosion.

Later, at home, the couple examined the object and found branding marks indication the metal potentially came from a Norwegian ship, instantly bringing to mind the Volo, one of the more famous shipwrecks in this part of the world.

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