Covid-19 Vaccine rollout in Ndlambe


There are presently 16 active cases of Covid-19 in Ndlambe. Registration on the EVDS electronic system is open to citizens 60 years and older. To date, 5530 over 60’s have registered on the system in Ndlambe, and it is estimated that there are presently around 10,400 residents in that age group. Anyone over 60 who has not yet registered is urged to do so either by WhatsApp or SMS. You do not need a smartphone to be able to register by SMS. All services are zero-rated and you do not need data or airtime.

• Use the COVID WhatsApp number 0600 123 456 and send “REGISTER”; or
• You can register by SMS by dialing *134*832*your identity number.
• If you don’t have an ID number, simply dial 134*832
• If you counter any issues registering, call the COVID-19 hotline on 0800 029 999

Vaccination rollout for the over 60’s commenced for residents at the retirement homes in Ndlambe last week and went extremely well. As of Monday, 7 June, Port Alfred Hospital will be a vaccination site, administering the Pfizer vaccine. In addition, community halls throughout Ndlambe will be made available as vaccination sites. Anyone who has registered on the EVDS electronic system will be notified by SMS and will be requested to present themselves at a given date and time, and at a specific venue, relevant to where they live. Please ensure that you take your identification card along to the vaccination site.

Please note that walk-ins are not encouraged as this will disrupt the flow of vaccines at the sites. Everyone who has registered will be contacted with details in due course.


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