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NEW SKILLS: Ashley Backward of Nemato Change a Life went to Gauteng for a course in forklift and mobile crane. The sky is the limit for NCAL members, it appears

NCAL celebrated its 15th birthday on Youth Day this year. On Youth Days 2006 then Minister of Sport, Arnold Stofile, officially opened the organisation as Nemato Rowing Club.

“We have come a long way,” said NCAL founder Jan Blom. “Who could have imagined 15 years ago that we would now have our own centre, offer a ‘cradle to career’ empowerment programme, offer four sports, have athletes at world championships every year, and have members who have graduated from university?

“But we are not done. There are still many challenges facing our youth. Why can’t our youth become well trained welders and plumbers? Why is there still hunger? Where are the jobs? With all its talent, why is South Africa not on top of the world in gymnastics? And so on. There is enough to do to keep us busy for another 15 years.”

For the full story, which includes science and technology projects (including the search for Dark Matter), see this week’s Talk of the Town.

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