Upper Ego LTD PTY shares online audition results

Upper Ego Experience LTD PTY is pleased to announce its online audition results for Mr and Mrs Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival to the public. When gatherings were banned under the lockdown level 4 last month Upper Ego Experience LTD PTY resorted to conducting auditions for top 20 finalists who will be modelling on October 1 to 3 on its Facebook page Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival.

EVENT AMBASSARDOR: Upper Ego Experience announces its successful online audition outcomes for Mr and Mrs Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival. Malibongwe Mangele won Mr Kenton On Sea Festival and while Temeara Coltman earned Mrs Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival. Lilitha Bolana, pictured, is of the team’s ambassadors

Entrants sent a picture together with a brief motivation as to why he or she should be voted to event coordinator Vuyolwethu Nkayi who posted them on Facebook page.

Winners were determined based on the highest number of comments and likes each person attracted. Leading the top 20 finalists with the highest votes converted from comments and likes is Malibongwe Mangele who won Mr Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival while Temeara Coltman with her highest votes earned Mrs. Kenton On Sea Spring Picnic Festival.

Making it to the top 20 finalists were Leigh king, Queen Lombard, Miska Mdoda, Luvuyolwethu Tawule, Aphiwe Mjuza, Mvuzo budaza, Luyolo Magawu, Onele Mfanyana, Simamkele Pikoli, Caron Daniels, Tembie Mandara, Azakhiwe bizela, Sisipho Mfanyana, Amahle Masiza, Olona Ngotyana, Azama Nongoda, Phelisa Magwela and Simvuyisile Yosa.

Explaining how the top finalists came about Nkayi said: “From the entered 26 models 20 finalists made it through to the main hosting on October 2 2021. They were voted by the public voters by liking and commenting on their post and motivation.”

Nkayi went on to state that Mr and Mrs Kenton Sea Spring Picnic festival would be crowned during the main event on October 2 2021.

Mentioning the prizes Nkayi said the winners would receive a crown, sash, a R1,000 spa voucher to spoil themselves, be given task to fulfil towards the community, and become the faces for next year’s competition.

Nkayi had also initially said: “We also give a platform to our local fashion designers to come take advantage of this opportunity to showcase their work, get exposure and assist dressing up our models for the competition.”

He further extended appreciations saying: “As an event coordinator, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who supported these online auditions also thanking our participants for being patient & committed throughout this journey(03-31 July 21) competition  until its end, it’s all love from me Vuyolwethu Nkayi to you all!”

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