Neighbourly Notes – 12 August 2021

ENJOYING A BEAUTIFUL MEAL: Graze by the River was the meeting place on Women’s Day on Monday. Seated around the table, from the left were Samantha Greyling-Nassi, Jade Kerwan, Martin O’Connell, Mark Kerwan, Sandro Nassi, Heidi Kerwan and Pat Rimmer. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

IT’S day 443 of the SA National lockdown now set at an adjusted level 3. It seems many years (only 18 months) since we were out partying, socialising and making friends. Many people today, particularly the old or the infirmed, who have had no visitors and are effectively stuck at home. The elderly living in care-centres and homes may only have contact with other members of the home, and may have only spoken to family members over the telephone. But it’s not just the old or the sick, the youth have had to cope with reduced social contact, but worse, many have missed months and months of schooling. This is not something that can be easily remedied, and many businesses may consider matriculants from 2020 and 20021 as not adequately schooled having missed out on so much. But, this could be an opportunity for the youth, as those that excel during these turbulent times will undoubtedly succeed in life thereon after. THE water situation is now so far past a joke. OK it was never funny, but watching those who promised to fix the water problem doing summersaults in an attempt to mitigate their role in this debacle is amusing. How much money do we need to spend on a water solution before greater Port Alfred receives water? The provincial government (remember the Amatola RO plant?) along with our local municipality have effectively thrown money at contractors who have produced nothing. The Ndlambe Municipality appears to have a long list of contractors who have failed when attempting to provide service (specifically contractors who lay pipelines, build seawalls, fix potholes and so forth). Is this a fault of the contractor, the bid evaluation committee or the municipality? At a time when we are told to wash our hands because of Covid-19, there is no water, and some areas have not had water for months. The municipality has nothing more than a few white elephants to account for all the money they have spent on failed “solutions”. We need to get a handle on his situation as it seems totally beyond the capability of the municipality to fix the problem. You will be able to express your dissatisfaction at the polls in either three or six months’ time, if you can wait that long.

NATIONALLY, Jacob Zuma has once again found a loophole and avoided his day in court. It cannot be a coincidence that Zuma has consistently either walked out of court proceedings or simply failed to attend. This time, according to an SANDF doctor, Zuma suffered a traumatic injury last year that now requires “emergency surgery” and six-months of convalescence. Dear me, I know people who have had a limb amputated that took less than that to recover to full health. Justice must be served, and seen to be served, if the governing party expects any respect from the public in the future. It is time for serious action against all those who are proven to have looted the country.

HAPPY birthday greetings to everyone who is another year older in the week ahead. Congratulations to all, especially Pat Cummns, Travis Dell, Juane Dorfling, Niki Smuts, Arleen Naude, Marjorie Henley, Bet Justus, Callum Timm, Geoffrey Southey, Gavin Ormandy, Allan Sheridan, Caylee Snyman, Jenna Rowe, Tracy Lloyd, Daphne MacLachlan, Pat Jones, Beys Justus, Campbell Westcott, Marion Bartlett, Hester Vorster, Neil de Villiers, Roger Coates, Thelma de Waal, Brian Hayward, Ian Macpherson, Dale Waters, Shirley Evans, Raymond Kelbrick, Matthew Steck, Josh Harvey, Owen Moore, Sandy Maclachlan, Amy Bennett, Carole Hill, Nancy Meyer, Gillis de Korte, Teago Pone, Rhonda Swanepoel, Rob Gimbel, Jennifer Fullarton, Patrick Cull, Lionel Nel, Sinesipho Siyolo.

WELL done, congrats and further success for the future to the following businesses who are having an anniversary, especially Spinning Reel Family Beach Cottages, Chalets and B&B on their 58th anniversary.

MONEY, money, money; the economies of major countries are recovering as the pandemic in their countries peters out. However, a resurgence of cases could land us back where we were so, even in those countries (which certainly don’t include SA) it’s too early to crack open the champagne. With last year’s figures in brack 20.43 to the Pound (R22.71) and R1,732 to the Euro (R20.47). Gold is trading at $1,737.42 ($1,932.23), Platinum at $985.00 ($940.11) and Brent Crude Oil at $69.82 per barrel ($43.52)

OUR sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Lyn Charter who passed away on Saturday August 7. We especially keep in our thoughts Peter and Mauneen Charter, the late Phyllis and John Dell, Lesley and Alfred Stevenson, Mark and the late Keri Charter and all her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. May all the happy memories of Nanna, carry you through this difficult time.

SINCEREST condolences to the family and friends of Jaraslaw “Jeremy” Okonski who passed away on Friday August 6. We keep in our thoughts, in this difficult time, his wife Ewa and his daughter Natalie, son in law, Carl, and two grandsons Alexander and Björn.

OUR deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Tony Versveld who passed away on Saturday August 7. Our thoughts are especially with his wife Trish in this sad time.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations to all couples enjoying this wonderful occasion, especially Mike and Sue Soroczynski, Jan and Pippa Sowtus, David and Jean McCowen, Dean and Juanita Jakins.

THOUGHT for the week: “One must marry one’s feelings to one’s beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one’s life.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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