Local karate dojo needs support

THE BIG TIME: A proud sensei, Clive Naido, stands between his karateka, on the left eight-year-old Shaylee Hilpert and his daughter, Tazmin Cannon who were recently awarded South African colours. The Karate Club is looking for funding to improve the lives of the youth in the area

Former local councillor and now Member of the Provincial Legislator (MPL), Jane Cowley has been an ardent supporter of Clive Naido’s karate initiative since its inception. Naido offers opportunities to children from all walks of life, no child is turned away if he or she cannot afford to pay their fees.

Cowley helps subsidise activities such as beach training sessions for the children, as some of them might never otherwise have such opportunities. Naido is highly motivated and totally committed to teaching karate to these youngsters. In many cases this is the only sport opportunity they have. Karate also teaches discipline and respect, and this will impact very positively on their lives going forward. Many of his pupils come from broken homes or single-parent families, so the sense of inclusivity and the experience of discipline and application will assist them in their daily lives.

Naido has an opportunity to go to Cape Town at the end of October to qualify for his fourth dan, which will enhance his skills as a teacher and be a real drawcard for his dojo, named the Karate club. Cowley has taken it upon herself to assist him in raising funds to travel to Cape Town to participate in the dan grading. She visited the dojo last week to see the children in action.

“It was a wonderful experience and he has endless patience with the children,” said Cowley.  “I met with two of his pupils who have won awards at national level and received their SA colours. This is an excellent achievement.”

“Clive is offering a wonderful opportunity to develop our youth and this is where we as a community can all assist. Clive is setting up a bank account for the dojo and will have a co-signatory in place so that all funds can be accounted for. I will personally write to the MEC for DSRAC (Department of Sports, Recreation, Arts and Culture) to request some form of long term sponsorship for the club. If anyone is prepared to donate towards Clive’s Cape Town grading trip at the end of October, please contact me on 072 903 5038.”


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