Two pregnant women escape KZN mudslide entrapment

Two pregnant women who were believed to have been trapped in a house after a mudslide caused by heavy rains in La Mercy, north of Durban, on Wednesday are safe.

Two pregnant women were trapped in a house following a mudslide north of Durban on Wednesday.
Image: IPSS

IPSS Medical Rescue spokesperson Paul Herbst said rescue teams responded to the mudslide.

Preliminary reports indicated the women were in the house when it was engulfed by a displaced embankment.

“IPSS paramedics together with police search and rescue personnel and metro police are currently at a house in La Mercy area where a mudslide has taken place.  There are two pregnant females stuck within the establishment. Rescue personnel are trying to get them out,” Herbst said.

“Multiple services and rescue personnel descended on the scene and thankfully all occupants of the property were accounted for as safe.”

SA Weather Service forecaster Venetia Phakula said rain was common during this time of year in KwaZulu-Natal.

She said there was a 30% chance of rain daily until Sunday.

“We do not expect more than 3mm of rainfall on Wednesday,” she said.

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