Neighbourly Notes – 23 September 2021

MUSIC FOR THE SOUL: Grade 4 class of Shaw Park Primary School with their own musical instruments they made for a project with their teacher Cate Pike.

TOMORROW (Friday September 24) is Heritage Day, a time to celebrate our diversity. It will also be 536 days since the Covid-19 restrictions were put in place. By now everyone is suffering from pandemic fatigue, the feeling that nothing will ever be the same again. Worse is that some conspiracy theorists do not believe the pandemic is real and that there is a plan behind the entire lockdown initiatives. What is hoped to be achieved by faking a pandemic no one seems to be able to confirm, yet the theories are rife. The truth is difficult to establish when so many people express their opinions on the subject on social media. But the most frightening aspect is that people are denying science, and some are actively opposed to what the scientific data is showing. Doubting science is a road to chaos. Science is not something that can be denied; it is a methodology (several actually) to establish as much as we can about a certain topic. It is always correct, depending on the data fed into it. The problem comes when w e interpret the data provided by our analyses. The Covid pandemic, which is real, is often used as a political tool by people with their own agendas. It is not the science that should be questioned (except by other scientists in the same field), it is the politicians and businesses who use the data to impose rules that suit their agendas. So, please don’t disbelieve the science as that will take us back to the Dark Ages. Rather question the motivation of those who interpret the data for their own ends.

ON to more local news and it is good to be kind to your neighbours. This is not just because of it being the Heritage weekend, but also because you never know when being kind might be reciprocated. Two lucky people who purchased their tickets at the Flip Flop Supermarket in Port Alfred won the Powerball Plus prize of September 14. The value of the prize is R11m. Here’s wishing they handle their money wisely and get good advice on how to use it. Well done.

THE University Boat Races, usually one of the bigger events in the area, are on again this year after a hiatus last year. However, there has been virtually no news about this typically rowdy but good-natured sporting event. Perhaps the organisers at Rhodes University didn’t want too many to attend the event but, with several kilometres of river frontage, plus a hotel and a club at the finishing line, and specifically now that restrictions only limit outdoor events to 500 people, I’m sure many would like to spectate. If you go to the river on Friday you will see the teams from some of SA’s leading universities competing for the coveted trophy. Why not take a little time out of your holiday Friday to support your favourite team?

THE Eastern Border Farmers Association (EBFA) organised for farm workers to receive Covid vaccinations at the Bathurst Showgrounds on Wednesday. According to Bathurst Agricultural Society president, Danny Wepener, the day was a huge success with farm workers queuing to get vaccinated. Well done to the EBFA for organising the event and let’s hope local farmers are able to survive the pandemic as, aside for concern for them as individuals, their work is essential to securing food for the nation.

DON’T forget the Build It Golf Day for the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club on Saturday and the Music at the Mill (free concert) at Bradshaw Mill on Sunday. May you have a pleasant and culturally diverse Heritage Weekend.

BEST wishes and happy birthday greetings to everyone having a birthday in the week ahead, especially Noeline le Roex, Judy Boland, Jenny Dalgety, Rob Atkinson, David Foulkes, Pat Fischer, Tony Brown, Winston Bagley, Gavin Came, Isobel Meyer, Jack Elliott, Shirley Waters, Ryan Axe, Tippin Crisp, Michael Armstrong, June Tapson, Jared Moss, Colin Maclachlan, John Hayward, Leonie Scheepers, Dix Lang, Phyl Russell, Andy Hough, Wayne Cock, Eddie Botha, the Herringhton twins – Jason and Jessica, Chloe Middleton, Tim Ord, Charles Webster, William Whitham, Dr Dirk de Vos, Breyton Scheepers, Darian Keeton, Jongisipho Matthews, Gill Wansell, James Viedge, Jacques Swanepoel, Martha Voorvelt, Margaret Foulkes, Reay Squires, Megan Hobson, Dennis Laubser, Jim Fox, Peter Larkin, Dylan Murray, Melissa du Randt, Wendy Mills, Tanya Jacobs, Roy de Wet and Dalene duToit.

EVERY success for many more years to follow to the following businesses and organisations on another anniversary, especially Feathers Farm and Wharf Street Fruit and Veg. SA has given licence for three “power ships” to be stationed at Saldanha Bay, Coega and Richards Bay, where they will remain for as many as 20 years if the deals go through. The rand fell to a new low on Tuesday and ratings agency Fitch said that though the finance figures were better than originally projected, it would still take time to pull the country out of its current hole. With last year’s figures in brackets to compare against, the Rand was trading at R14.78 to the Dollar (R16.94), R20.16 to the Pound (R21.49) and R17.34 to the Euro (R19.82). Commodities were trading with Gold at $1,773.28 per fine ounce ($1,880.44), Platinum at $970.45 per ounce ($852.00) and Brent Crude Oil $74.71 per barrel ($41.65).

OUR sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Dalys Sparg who passed away recently. We especially keep in mind his wife Di and his children Mike Sparg and Charmaine Nelson and their families.

WEDDING anniversary greetings to everyone celebrating another year and may joy and contentment continue to be yours, especially to Christopher and Jill Japp, and John and Janet Basson.

THOUGHT for the week: “We fluctuate long between love and hatred before we can arrive at tranquillity.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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