DA: Ndlambe’s opportunity lies in a strong, stable government

A local government election – like this one – is about service delivery. It’s not about education, policing (except insofar as it interacts with local issues), vaccine mandates or economic policy. Put simply: it’s about roads, water, electricity, sanitation. These are the core functions of a municipality, and they should be what you base your vote on.

It’s no big secret that Ndlambe Municipality has failed dismally when it comes to managing the water crisis. The blame for this must be laid firmly at the feet of the ANC, who flatly rejected the solid, well-thought-out proposals of the Democratic Alliance and various civic bodies. This resulted in a shambolic tender process and a situation where the municipality can only supply water sporadically. Nor is it a secret that the sewerage system in Port Alfred is in dire need of an overhaul. In fact, when the sewers were being installed, then councillor Louise Swanepoel told the engineer that the gradient they were laid at was too shallow – she was ignored. As Ndlambe grows, more demand will be placed on limited resources and infrastructure, and it is clear that the current government hasn’t got a clue how to plan for 5 years hence, let alone 50.

Businesses invest where there is well-maintained municipal infrastructure. They demand – quite rightly – a consistent supply of water and electricity, roads that are repaired and upgraded, and a clean safe environment. Tourists are no different – regardless of how good your natural resources are, they won’t return to a town with litter blowing around, sewerage flowing through the streets, or where they feel unsafe in recreational areas like Centenary Park.

The DA has consistently fought the excesses of the municipality. Maybe not always visibly enough, but the fight has taken place. We laid criminal charges against the municipal manager in regard to the first QFS tender. We moved that the water availability tariff be suspended until a consistent, quality supply could be assured – a move the EFF laughably described as “unconstitutional”, and rejected along with the ANC majority. We have put concrete proposal after concrete proposal on the table, only to be dismissed by the ANC and its lackeys in the administration.

On any objective measure, the DA has demonstrated that where it governs, it governs well. The Auditor General has consistently held that DA-run municipalities are the most financially viable, with the best audit outcomes. StatsSA, in its Non-financial Census of Municipalities, found that DA municipalities offered the best roll-out of basic services and had the lowest levels of unemployment. And just last week, News24’s Out of Order index found DA municipalities to be the best performing in the country.

The difference is that the DA believes in clean, accountable government. Government where services are delivered reliably. One where the voices of the residents are not just heard, but actually taken into account. We can have this in Ndlambe. It just takes making an X in the right place. On 1 November, vote DA! Because we have shown, over and over, that where we govern, we get things done!

Kevin Mileham MP

Constituency Leader: Ndlambe                                                

Former Ndlambe Councillor

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