Metal thieves cause damage by stealing valve for RO plant intake pipe

Ndlambe Municipality and the public at large have become victims of serial metal thieves who have damaged water infrastructure for the QFS reverse osmosis (RO) plant.

QFS director Musa Ndlovu said thieves had vandalised the valves on the RO plant intake pipe twice within the space of a month.

“We have been producing 2.1ML of water every day for the past couple of days, only to have someone vandalise the valve on the pipe that brings water to site. They removed the concrete block placed on top of the chamber and stole an air valve piece,” Ndlovu told TotT.

“The municipality is a victim, and the public, because it’s their infrastructure.

“This is the second incident. We had the same incident last month and we put concrete blocks to cover the valves but looks like we might have to weld the valve cover in.”

She provided photos and a video taken by the site manager.

Describing theft as a shame, Ndlovu said a movement should be started of putting pictures of all stolen property in Talk of the Town to make sure that people who buy stolen equipment are held accountable.