Rotarians, Interact team up for winter

Destitute community members both old and young in Nemato Township and New Rest informal settlement received much needed donations from the Rotary Anns of Port Alfred, Port Alfred High School Interact Club and Nemato Change A Life on Friday July 22 2022. The warm clothes donated by the organisations will be welcome during this cold winter.

IGNITING HOPE: Port Alfred Rotary Anns president Carrie Mackenzie, Dee Joiner and Port Alfred Rotary President Petro Horner in partnership with Port Alfred High School Interact Club and Nemato Change A Life members donated much needed jerseys, beanies and blankets to needy people in Nemato Township and New Rest informal settlement. Picture: TK MTIKI

Rotary president Petro Horner, Dee Joiner, Rotary Anns President Carrie Mackenzie, Interact members Maxine Ridge (head teacher), pupils Lewis Siambwezele, Shreya Ramraj, Lian Walker and Saffron Tweedie a hand at a time when they were needed the most, jerseys, beanies and blankets. 

Rotary Anns president Mackenzie explained how the project came about.

“Every year the Rotary Anns of Port Alfred give out jumpers, beanies, and blankets to the needy in Nemato Township. This year it is a combined effort of Interact, who are from the Port Alfred High School, and the Rotary Rotary Anns,” Mackenzie said. 

“The blankets from Interact are part of a combined incentive where Interact together with members of the community of Port Alfred have knitted, sewn up and crocheted around the blankets, making up the beautiful items which will be readily accepted by people of Nemato during these cold times,” she said. 

Mackenziesaid Rotary Anns had an ongoing knitting project. Wool was very kindly donated to the organisation by Saprotex and the Anns faithfully knit all the year round. She they had a few donations of polar fleeces and a number of tracksuit tops were also added to the pot. She said beanies were easily knitted and were often created from scraps of colourful wool.

“We are very proud of our efforts and are certain that the little ones of the community are going to be thrilled with their new jumpers,” she said.