Kidnapped Cape Town boy found safe after R800k ransom demand

Six-year-old Shahnawaz Asghar, who was kidnapped at gunpoint outside his Cape Town home on Thursday, has been found safe and unharmed.

Shahnawaz Asghar has been reunited with his family after he was kidnapped outside his home on Thursday morning.
Image: Supplied

TimesLIVE has reliably learnt his family had received a ransom request of R800,000 for his safe release.

It was not immediately clear whether the entire amount had been paid to the kidnappers.

Shahnawaz was with his father outside their Kensington home when they were approached by four men.

It is understood one grabbed the boy while another pointed a gun at the father. The kidnappers fled with the boy in a vehicle.

TimesLIVE has learnt Shahnawaz’s mother was reportedly contacted by the kidnappers with their ransom demand.

A police investigation was launched and law enforcement authorities were able to trace the kidnappers through their cellphone contact.

The investigation has uncovered that the suspects linked to the kidnapping were allegedly involved in another kidnapping in Gauteng. The group had reportedly used the same cellphone used to contact the Asghar family in an earlier kidnapping.

In the Asghar case, the kidnappers had arranged for the ransom to be dropped off in Khayelitsha. It was here where the little boy was also found.

Police documents stated he was found unharmed and in a good medical condition.

No suspects have been arrested.