Key issues at open council meeting

Ndlambe Municipality held its first open council meeting of the year at the council chambers on Tuesday, January 31.

Here is a summary of some key items on the agenda and the discussion around them.

Mayor Khululwa Ncumiso and Speaker Andile Marasi congratulated Ndlambe’s matriculants, particularly Ikamvalesizwe Combined School (84.61% pass) and Nompucuko Combined School (85.71% pass) for their improvement and Kuyasa Secondary School and El Shaddai Christian Academy for their 100% pass.

The financial support the municipality offers to the schools assists parents with paying registration fees. “Education is a societal matter. I must applaud Ndlambe Municipality for making sure that we are part in the lives of these students,” the Mayor said.

Condolences to:

Municipal manager, Advocate Rolly Dumezweni (in absentia as he was on leave), on the loss of his son; the family of ward 6 committee member Mike Newlands; the families of the four children drowne at Kenton on Sea on New Year’s Day.


Addressing GBV 

Religious leader, Bishop Caleb Mvandaba of Christ Ambassadors Ministries proposal that his organisation; Community Solutions Empowering Women & Children partners with the municipality in addressing social issues such as gender-based violence (GBV) was well received by councillors.

“For instance, we can partner with the unit that runs the 16 days of activism campaign to drive the programme for the entire year, not only during the 16 days,” he said. Mvandaba explained that the NGO could collaborate with ward councillors to conduct GBV awareness campaigns.  


QFS battle

The mayor said they would fight until the end to ensure that the water treatment plant is managed by the municipality. “If we need to engage the communities, let’s go out and engage the communities. If we need to engage the business sector, let’s go out and make sure that the business sector is part of the engagement,” said Ncamiso.



Most of the cemeteries in Ndlambe  are full to capacity and there is a need to acquire new land for new graveyards. It was proposed that the cemetery to be moved to Mill Farm on the R67 to Bathurst. Ward 10 councillor, Nadine Haynes raised a concern about the resulting increased traffic on the R67. The Mayor said the traffic department would handle traffic during burials. 



Councillor Nadine Haynes said it was a concern that no allowance is made for recycling in town. She proposed an expert to address the council to educate members about recycling. The speaker noted that.


eNCA interview

Ward 6 councillor, Edward Walker proposed for ward 4 councillor Simphiwe Kolosa to be brought to the ethics committee for his comments about the Kenton drownings during an eNCA interview. The mayor rejected the proposal. DA caucus leader Venene said they would find an alternative route to ensure Kolosa faces the ethics committee. 


Appointment of bylaw enforcer officer

Anel Slabbert was recently appointed to enforce municipal bylaws concerning animals. Slabbert is now serving as the dog/animal control officer on a contractual basis. She will be compiling a register of all premises that are in possession of and/or breeding pitbulls and other dogs. This is expected to be submitted to the next Executive Committee meeting.