Thieves strike again at Port Alfred SPCA


Thieves have hit the SPCA in Port Alfred for the second time in 10 days. The organisation is urgently looking for ways to tighten security measures at the facility after two dogs were stolen some time on Saturday night, September 2. This comes after five puppies were stolen last month.  

In the first incident, three boerboel-cross and two border collie-cross puppies, all eight weeks old, were removed from their enclosure some time between closing time on Wednesday August 23 and opening time on Thursday August 24..Shocked employees of the Port Alfred and Ndlambe District SPCA had noticed on their normal rounds that the puppies were missing.

This time, two mixed-breed adult dogs were stolen. 

“This burglary was similar to the last one,” said SPCA local committee chairperson Bryan Smith. “There were no signs of a break-in and nothing was stolen besides the two dogs.” 

The SPCA had opened a second case of theft at the Port Alfred Police Station. Security company Multi and the South African Police Service were investigating the matter, Smith said. 

“We ask the support of the community to please keep their eyes peeled for the puppies and dogs,” said the facility’s administration manager, Forbes Coutts.