Your Jar of Hope can make a difference


Round Table 177 and Port Alfred Ladies Circle are asking you to contribute to the well-being of needy members of our community – and they’ve made it really easy. With just a few simple ingredients that you’ve probably got in your kitchen cupboard, you can make a difference to a family in need. Called Jars of Hope, you have the option of either making them up yourself, donating all or some of the ingredients, or donating cash towards them.

If you’re going to make up your own, first, you need a clean, dry empty jar with a lid (a tallish coffee jar is perfect). Then you need the following ingredients:

½ cup of soup mix
1/3 cup of lentils
1/3 cup of rice
1 unwrapped stock cube
1 packet of soup powder

Put the ingredients in the jar in layers, close it with the lid and it’s ready for drop-off day, Saturday October 28, outside Pick n Pay at the Heritage Mall in Port Alfred. Round Table and the Ladies Circle are aiming to collect at least 200 Jars of Hope.

If you prefer to donate cash, pay into Round Table’s account. Please call Nicole at 081-043-1095 for the account details or any other information about the project.

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