Very hot Friday ahead: NSRI pleads for caution when cooling down

The NSRI has pleaded for caution in and around bodies of water after the South African Weather Service (SAWS) has predicted extreme heat for parts of the country. The predicted temperature for Makhanda on Friday December 1 is 40C according to SAWS. Predicted temperatures for some other parts of the Eastern Cape are around 30C.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said, “We are appealing to the public to exercise extreme caution in and around water.”

If you find yourself cooling off at a swimming pool, dam, river or the sea tomorrow, Lambinon says:

  • Don’t venture too deep into the water;
  • Parents: ensure your children have responsible adult supervision art inlkand waterways and along the coast;
  • Only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim within the demarcated safe swimming zone designated by lifeguards (between the red and yellow flags);
  • Make sure your swimming pool is safe and that it can only be accessed under the supervision of a responsible adult.