Crime down in February

INCIDENTS of crime reported in February are down compared to the figures for January, according to the stats presented at the Sector 2, Rapid Rural Response (RRR) and Community Policing Forum (CPF) meeting, held last Thursday at the Port Alfred SAPS offices.

Sergeant Vincent Plaatjies presented the crime statistics which indicated a general drop of around 20% for the month of February, but warned that ATM aw well as other incidents of fraud were not included in his report.

“People are warned to be vigilant when drawing money from ATM machines, particularly at night when no one else is around. We have had a number of reports of fraud regarding loans that offer huge amounts of money with very small repayments,” said Plaatjies, who suggested people refrain from falling from these cons.

“If a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is.”

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