Lucky escape for capsized boat

Port Alfred NSRI was alerted around 8:30am this morning to a boat that had capsized between East Beach and the East Beach pier. The semi rigid boat was skippered by Connor Timm and had one other occupant on the boat.

Both occupants were uninjured and were in a state of shock following the incident. One of the men refused to be taken to hospital despite emergency services being on the scene.

NSRI made great effort to recover the boat despite fighting strong rip currents and a sizeable swell.

An unnamed source who works closely with emergency services claimed that the two occupants are both youths and that they had taken the brand new boat out, and, when coming into the mouth of the Kowie River, found themselves on the wrong side of a wave and capsized. One of the young men is believed to have hit his head during the incident and struggled in the water until his friend helped him.

Both men were  assisted by NSRI.




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