An initiative to help save our favourite Bathurst entertainment spots

Save my Spot is an initiative of the Bathurst Development Trust and was born out of the realisation that without some cash flow many restaurants, pubs, hotels, hairdressers and other locked-down businesses that employ and uplift a great many of our people (not to mention fulfil an important social and cultural role in their communities) will be forced to shut their doors forever – Gavin Came, Save my Spot administrator.

NO SHOW: Like most other events in the area, the 2020 Bathurst Agricultural Show, one of the most prestigious shows of its kind in the country, was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. and businesses in the area were closed with no hope of recovering lost income

From favourite restaurants to borderline-essential hair salons to hotels with sentimental
significance, not to mention your local pub, we all have places that are important to us, and all of them face great difficulty under the Covid 19 lockdown.

PLACE FOR ARTISTS: Local artists perform regularly at the many entertainment spots in the area
LISTEN TO THE MUSIC: Residents enjoy the evening at the Village Bistro in Bathurst listening to Robin Auld

Save My Spot aims to ensure that the spots that are important to you and the people they
employ will have the means to reopen when the time comes. When you buy a Corona Coupon, you won’t just be getting a discount for your favourite hangout, helping out a small business owner, and keeping others employed, you’ll also be contributing a portion of the money you spend at Save my Spot to charities that help to uplift and empower South Africans and develop our nation. Think of this as a Pay-it-forward investment towards securing your pre-Covid 19 lifestyle.

For more information contact Gavin Came on and read the full story in next week’s edition of Talk of the Town – out on Thursday

FAMILY TIME: Enjoying Sunday Lunch at the Pig and Whistle in Bathurst is a favourite pastime


ROUGH RIDING: The annual 4×4 Challenge is hed at the Bathurst Quarry each year Picture: RAILTIME PHOTOGRAPHY


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