Crime Briefs – May 28 to June 8

Incidents of housebreaking, trespassing and the theft of copper pipe are highlighted in this crime report.

Remember to switch all alarms on at night to ensure the best response from your security company, and report all crime to the local SAPS.

On Friday, May 28 Sky Alarms attended a house robbery at Vroom Road. The alarm was not activated. Also, Sky alarms attended a motor vehicle accident at a local retirement village. There were no casualties but there was damage to property.

On Sunday May 30 Sky Alarms attended an attempted break-in at a premises in Main Road. The SAPS was notified.

On Monday May 31 a business break-in in Campbell Street warranted Sky Alarms to investigate. The perpetrators had gained access through the roof of the building and he safe had been ground open and a number of cell phones and an undisclosed amount of cash were stolen. A case was opened with the SAPS. Later a trespasser was reported at a guest house on Beach Crescent. Sky Alarms attended along the SAPS but a case was not opened.

At just after 9pm on Friday June 4 restless dogs prompted a call to the MultiSecurity control Room to investigate. The officer assigned to investigate reported there was nothing suspicious in the area and no cattle to cause the dogs to be barking. At 9.30pm a MutiSecurity client reported he and his son had been the victim of a failed robbery. When confronted the thieves apparently escaped in the direction of Wood and High Streets. On investigating the scene the assigned officer reported nothing suspicious in the area.

At 8.10am on Saturday June 5 a report was received by the MultiSecurity control room of an attempted break-in at a shop premises in North Street. On inspection two of the three padlocks had been smashed but the third had remained locked. There was no alarm in the shop. A case was opened with the SAPS.

Later, at 11.15am a commercial premises in Van der Riet Street. The thieves escaped with the battery for the gate motor. A case was opened with the SAPS.

Several reports were made to various parties regarding revellers congregating at the West Beach car park at 1pm on Saturday June 5, contravening the law against drinking in public and Covid-19 regulations (large crowds, no social distancing and no masks). SAPS were finally contacted after failed attempts, and attended the scene. However, by the time SAPS arrived the revellers had packed up and relocated.

Dogs were reported to the MultiSecurity control room that were barking excessively in Miles Street and Pirie Lane at 10.35pm on Sunday June 6. The security officer assigned to patrol the area reported nothing suspicious.

A little later on Sunday, at 11.35pm, more dogs were reported to MultiSecurity as being restless in Wood Street. Again a response officer reported nothing suspicious in the area.

On Monday June 7 at 2.07am a suspicious person was reported to be wandering about Hewson Street but the MultiSecurity officer assigned to investigate found nothing suspicious in the area.

Then at 6.35am a break-in at a premises in Gluckman Road was reported to the MultiSecurity control room. The burglar broke in through a window with noo burglar bars and stole food from the kitchen plus approximately 1m of copper pipe and a tap. A case was opened with the SAPS.

Then, at 12.42 an alarm was received from a premises in Van der Riet Street where there were pipes lying across the driveway. Then it was noted that the water tank of a neighbouring premises had been stolen. The resident at the property was away but was to report the theft to SAPS on her return.

On Tuesday June 8 at 5.43pm MultiSecurity received a report of a break-in at a garage in Swan Lane. The owner said he would check what tools were missing before involving the SAPS.

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