Man aims to cycle across the continent


ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Bicycle traveller and photographer, Jacques Jacobsz, arrived in Port Alfred last Thursday and was immediately offered a place to stay by local lady, Sandra Meintjies

BICYCLE traveller and photographer, Jacques Jacobsz, arrived in Port Alfred on a mountainbike modified by an extension of the axle to a third wheel and an Ipad on his handle bars, in good form.

He had just come from Cannon Rocks and arrived in Port Alfred at about 5pm.

“I always try to make sure that I have a place to sleep in advance.  I only slept in the bush in Namibia, where the roads are so long,” he said.

Jacobsz set off from his home town of Pretoria 7 months ago and travelled to Luderitz where he has a friend, fortunately, as he had needed some help repairing his bicycle.

From there he went to Cape Town and started travelling along the coast.

“Coastal people are very friendly,” he said when local lady, Sandra Meintjes, approached him and offered him a place to stay for the night with her and her family.

“Where you can shower, wash your clothes and enjoy your own outside room”, she offered.

He said he had already booked a place at a camp site for the night, but as he was staying in Port Alfred for another two days, he took her number.

Jacobsz is en route to Durban and from there he is possibly going all the way to Cairo.

“It has always been a dream of mine,” he said. “Ever since I was a little boy and I read about a man cycling across Australia in the National Geographic.  Every five years the bug bites again, and finally I decided to do it.”

The photographer has a website and is on Facebook.

Anyone who would like to sponsor his progress would be particularly welcome at this stage as he needs funds to stay on line, and they can contact him on 074 790-1699.

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