PAHS pays tribute to an old boy

A MOVING tribute to a Port Alfred High School old boy took place at Monday’s assembly.

Matric pupil and president of the marketing alumni and development committee, Tali Alexandre, gave a speech about the late Noel Maddocks, who was tragically murdered last year.

Maddocks’ brothers Justin and Nicholas were also present at the assembly. All were past pupils of PAHS.

Alexandre said Noel matriculated in 1993 and began his career in the police force.  He qualified as a graphic designer before going into the IT industry. He was well known by many people in Port Alfred as the owner of IT Solutions and well respected for the work that he did.

“I was able to experience his dedication to our school first hand in the computer lab.  Whenever there was an issue with the computers, Mrs Light would call Noel and he would be there within minutes.  Nothing was ever too small or too much trouble for Noel,” Alexandre said.

“At the end of Grade 10 I decided to build a new website for our school.  I had no experience in this.  The first person I turned to for help was Noel Maddocks.  He literally spent hours and hours over many days with me showing me the ins and outs of web-site building,” she continued.

“It was a big shock and tragedy when Noel lost his life in August last year at the age of 40.”

To remember and honour him and the ways he helped PAHS, the school had a special plaque made and put up outside the IT lab.

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