Christian leader to speak in Port Alfred

ERROL Naidoo, director of the Family Policy Institute, will be speaking in Port Alfred this Friday and Saturday.

Nadioo is well known for speaking out on social issues which impact on Christian values and the family unit.

“The intention is to give the church a wake-up call to be more relevant and effective in South Africa. The church has been silent for too long,” said Leon Coetzee of the Port Alfred Christian Men’s Association (CMA).

“Naidoo will address the challenges the community and nation are facing.  Things like xenophobia are increasing and the church is not speaking loudly enough,” said Prophet Fire Moshosho, who will also be speaking at the event.

“He [Naidoo] will also speak about the relationship between the church and various levels of government. Obviously there is some concern in the church about hate speech and registration and regulation of churches,” Moshosho said.

“The government should not be regulating the church. It’s the church that should be regulating the church,” Coetzee said.

“We’ll be touching on all these issues,” Moshosho said.

Naidoo will speak at Titi Jonas Hall in Thornhill at 6pm on Friday, and at the CMA breakfast at The Lodge at 7am on Saturday.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

There is also an afternoon session for leaders at Titi Jonas Hall from 5pm to 6pm, and an evening service at 6pm at which Bishop John Mbesi from Komani will speak.

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