Port Alfred voices speak out against Pres J. Zuma


EVERYONE’S AGAINST ZUMA: Casual worker Kalpin Makhasi came to protest in support of the movement against the continued Presidency of Jacob Zuma. Picture by: LEBOGANG TLOU.

APPROXIMATELY 300 MEMBERS OF THE PORT ALFRED COMMUNITY took to the streets for roughly an hour this morning in protest against President Jacob Zuma; as part of the National Shutdown happening in South Africa today.

Patriotism and courage ruled the day, as more people spoke out against Jacob Zuma’s presidency following last week’s cabinet reshuffle, as well as the sacking of Ministers Pravin Gordhan and Mncebisi Jonas.

Residents from Port Alfred gathered outside the Magistrate’s Court, all as part of driving the message home that ‘Zuma must go’.

Many residents had very strong comments to share about the incumbent president.

“I am only 20 years old, and I cannot bear to think of what the future holds for me and my children if Zuma continues to do what he is doing to our beautiful country,” protester Deona Mould said.

“We must stand together as one,” Mould said. “No matter what our creed, colour, religion or political affiliation.”

Echoing this sentiment is #SaveSA supporter Trish Tersia Luies, who feels that Jacob Zuma has really crossed the line this time.

“Zuma has damaged the country enough. No more damage!” Luies said.

“We must come together as one nation and force zuma to step down and give the nation their country back.

“We are a great nation,” Luies continued, “And we can do so much without Zuma.”

George Bongisile cycled from Nemato to take part, and he wished to address President Jacob Zuma directly.

“Due to the love of my country, I feel that I cannot keep quiet,” Bongisile said. “Everybody sees the problem that is destabilizing our country: the president.

“I therefore would like to ask the president to step down peacefully for the sake of the country and the ANC as well.”

Daniel Zweni, who proudly held a sign which read “impeach the leech”, came out in support from the perspective of a South African who is tired of not being able to find lasting employment 23 years into democracy.

“Let’s wake up and unite,” Zweni said. “There’s no work, and we’re tired of him [Zuma].”

Resident Joanne Hilder emphasized how Zuma is tarnishing the reputation of Nelson Mandela.

“I think everyone in South Africa is fed up with Zuma,” Hilder said. “Nelson Mandela built this country, and Zuma is in his own way destroying it. I think it’s time. Enough is enough.”

Pinky Rapitsi and Ingrid Wylde were having a conversation about everything Jacob Zuma stands accused of having done to this country.

“It’s sad that we are brought together by one man who doesn’t care. I was thinking: Zimbabwe must be laughing at us,” Rapitsi said.

“South Africa is brought together when there is a cause to fight, when we’ve got somethings to unite us” said Wylde. “We all want South Africa for All, and not just for a chosen few.”

Protest action in Port Alfred was peaceful under the watchful gaze of the South African Police Services.

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