Rotary again help to save our rhinos

ROXY is hoped to be the next big asset in the fight to protect endangered rhinos, and the Rages (Rotarian Action Group for Endangered Species) project, together with its strategic partner, Chipembere Rhino Foundation (CRF) are confident this new initiative will show positive results.

GETTING TRAINED FOR ACTION: Roxy, a young German shepherd, is currently learning the ropes of being a tracker to assist in apprehending poachers at the Sibuya Game Reserve

CRF specialises in sourcing, testing and funding technology for effective monitoring of rhino. This includes funding K9 handlers and their tracking and apprehension dogs, providing anti-poaching teams with vital equipment and funding equipment needed to translocate rhino across Southern Africa as well as collaborating with other like-minded NGO’s and companies.


CRF’s K-9 programme was identified as the next area of focus and has assisted with K9 dogs Sammy and Blade who have been deployed to their respective reserves and have been on active duty for over a year. Both these reserves have lost rhino to poaching and have an active anti-poaching unit.

Sibuya Game Reserve, a staunch supporter of the fight against poaching, was hit in March and their beloved bull, Bingo, and two cows were slaughtered. The Rotary Club of Kenton once again responded and the reserve identified CRF’s K-9 programme as a need to help them protect their remaining rhino, including the orphans, Binky and Noelle, who lost their mothers in the poaching incident. An initial donation of R24, 000 was made to kick-start the project.

“K9 Roxy is still in training and will be deployed to her reserve in the next couple of months, all going well,” said Wilmot.

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