Henri van Breda near tears as uncle tells court about ‘loving family’

Axe murder accused Henri van Breda showed emotion for the first time in court on Wednesday‚ appearing to be on the brink of tears.

Henri van Breda

The display happened as his uncle‚ Cornelius Andries (Andre) van Breda — twin brother of Henri’s father Martin — took the stand in the High Court in Cape Town as state witness number 93.

Andre said one of his fondest memories and “a very relaxing time” in his life was when he stayed with the family for a month when the children were “very young”.

He said: “They were a loving family. Martin sent Teresa (Henri’s mother) on a food course for fish. Martin and I were the test rabbits and I must tell you the food was divine.”

Henri’s face clouded over with emotion as he and his uncle made regular eye contact‚ remembering the experience together.

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Speaking of his murdered brother‚ Andre said: “I cannot think of a single moment in our lives as brothers that there was an ugly moment.”

He said he had always been proud of the extended family‚ and that he had much respect for his late brother‚ an astute and honest businessman.

Andre spoke of how Teresa had pined for her family and South Africa when they lived in Australia for several years.

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Henri’s advocate‚ Pieter Botha‚ asked Andre whether Henri entered the family home on De Zalze estate in Stellenbosch when his sister Marli went there to collect her belongings after forensic cleaning teams had finished their work.

He said Henri was with them in the kitchen and asked to take one of the whisky bottles in his father’s collection. Henri shook his head‚ and Botha suggested Henri did not enter the house during the visit.

The defence asked Judge Siraj Desai to adjourn the hearing so they could take instructions from Henri. – Tiso Black Star Group/By Tanya Farber And Aron Hyman


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