[WATCH] Religious leaders pray for Cape Town water crisis

Religious leaders gathered on Table Mountain to pray for rain on Thursday.

The prayers were hosted by City of Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille‚ who said the event was part of “exploring all possible avenues” to address the drought caused by inadequate rainfall for the past two winters.
“The residents and businesses of Cape Town have made great efforts to save water but we have to do more and we especially need the rains to come‚” said De Lille.

Prayers were offered at the lower cableway station by representatives from various churches‚ the Muslim Judicial Council‚ the Western Cape Christian Ministers’ Association‚ the Western Cape Traditional Leaders and Cultural Council‚ the Khoisan Griqua Royal House‚ the Bahaí Community of South Africa‚ the Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Centre‚ and the Hindu and Jewish communities.

Cape Town’s dam levels are at 20.2%‚ but with the last 10% of water difficult to use‚ they are practically only half that. Water is expected to run out by August if substantial rainfall does not arrive in the meantime.

-Tiso Black Star Group

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